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This mod adds a pilotable Vertibird to Fallout 3.
Explore the wasteland from above! Annihilate your foes with superior firepower - the Vertibird comes armed with a minigun and one rocket launcher.

Permissions and credits
[size="6"]Pilotable Vertibird[/size]
[size="4"]BETA RELEASE 0.11
By J3X

Proof of concept. This mod merges my Driveable Motorcycle speed control script with SaidenStorms excellent Akatosh mount levitation scripts.
This mod will probably not be updated, it's released 'as it is' and serves as a base for arlix123's Flyable Pilotable Vertibird BETA mod, if you want additional features like the ability to go inside the Vertibird, check it out!
Flamey have also created a mod calledPersonal Vertibird Home using parts from this mod.

  • DLC03: Broken Steel: Uses Vertibird meshes and textures from Broken Steel.
  • FOSE: Uses several FOSE script commands, get it at If the vehicle does not move it is probably because you don't have FOSE correctly installed.

  • This mod adds a pilotable Vertibird to Fallout 3.
  • FLY! - Explore the wasteland from above!
  • FIGHT! - Annihilate your foes with superior firepower; The Vertibird comes armed with a minigun and a rocket launcher.
  • STORE! - The Vertibird have a cargohold where you can store your items.

  1. Make sure you have FOSE installed (
  2. Unzip the archive to a temporary folder.
  3. Move J3X-Vertibird.esp and the meshes folder to your "Fallout 3\Data folder". Unless you changed it it's probably "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data".
  4. Start the Fallout launcher or Fallout Mod Manager, select "Data Files" and check J3X-Vertibird.esp.
  5. Run the game.
  6. You will have a Vertibird remote control added to your inventory, use it to call in a Vertibird.

  • Use the Vertibird remote control (found under the AID tab) to call in a Vertibird.
  • Activate the Vertibird and select Drive.

  • Use W and S to accelerate and mouse to steer.
  • Press F to switch to first person mode.
  • Press mouse wheel to fire rockets.
  • Press JUMP+USE (SPACE+E) to exit the Vertibird

  • Use WASD to move and mouse to steer.
  • Press F to switch to third person mode.
  • Press mouse wheel to fire rockets.
  • Press the left mouse button to fire with the minigun.
  • Press JUMP+USE (SPACE+E) to exit the Vertibird

The controls should configure itself to any weird keyboard layout. I'm however not sure if it will work with a gamepad.
If your control layout for some reason becomes corrupt do NOT deactivate the mod, IT WILL NOT HELP, it should reset the controls to your default within some seconds.
If it doesn't not simply reset them in the options menu.

  • 0.1Beta pre release
  • 0.11Public release

  • Equip animation where the Vertibird indoor clips with the camera happens when the player switch camera mode. - (Can be fixed by speeding up the animation?)
  • Missiles may explode in the players face when you fire them in low angles. - (Can be fixed by making the plane under the player not collide with the missiles)
  • The Vertibird fly control isn't perfect due to some engine limitations: You can not strafe in third person mode (due to animation issues?) You can not move with different speed in different directions (only one speedmultiplier).
  • If you think that you can fix any of these bugs please let me know how or release a patch for them. :)

  • Credits to SaidenStorm for his Akatosh Mount mod to Oblivion.
  • The reset.kf animation is from Drayk_Cannon's The Groovatron mod, I'm not sure who have created it. Please let me know so I can give credits to you.
  • Credits to Backsteppo for creating driving animation for my Motorcycle mod, this mod shares the same driving animation.
  • Anything else is created by me, J3X, drop me a message at jex_ mus [at] hotmail [dot] com if you want anything.

  • Clone, copy, spread, mutate, merge, and do whatever you want just as long you give me (and the other guys/girls) credit for our hard work.
  • You do now need to ask for permission but I would love to see your modification.
  • If you manage to fix some bug or add a new awesome feature please let it be included in this mod as well.
  • If you create an modification to this mod please release it.

Other projects
I am currently working on some own games, if you enjoy my mods please check them out! For more projects check out my Personal website.