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Work around to avoid issues with custom races and the Tranquility Lane quest.

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I've now added an alternate version of this mod specifically for those stuck getting into Tranquility lane with BlackBlossom's African American Albino race mod:

Let me know how you get on please.

If, like me, you use a custom race, you're more than likely to (or have) run into problems with the Tranquility Lane quest. The problem is that a lot of custom races don't have a matching child race that is correctly pointed back at the custom adult race. Because of this, when the TL quest turns you into a child and then back to an adult afterwards, it ends up changing your race completely.

The upshot of this, as with any race change, is that you lose all your perk attained stats, specials, and attributes. So just resetting your character's race back to the custom one you were using after the end of the quest leaves you with a rather broken character.

You can, apparently, due to the quest also removing your entire inventory when entering TL, lose everything you have because of the lack of matching child race. I've not experienced this directly myself. But, again, not very good.

What I have experienced is that, if you're using a custom left-hand glove and the Readius PDA pipboy mod, sometimes you end up losing the glove until you remove, clean save and re-add the Readius mod.

Because of this, I decided to make a small simple patch to get around these making sure they never happen.

Put simply, the problematic entries in the appropriate scripts are remarked out so that certain 'events' just never occur.

These 'events' are listed as follows:

Entering Tranquility Lane
- Disabled changing player to child
- Disabled removing player inventory
- Disabled removing pipboy and pipboy glove.
- Disabled addition of children's clothing (not required due to above)

Exiting Tranquility Lane
- Disabled changing player to adult (not required due to above)
- Disabled reinstating player inventory (not required due to above)
- Disabled removal of children's clothing (not required due to above)
- Disabled addition of Vault 112 suit (not required due to above)
- Disabled adding pipboy and pipboy glove back to player (not required due to above)
- Disabled removing any TL items from player inventory that may have been picked up (dangerous given we haven't removed the player's original inventory)

So basically, after getting in the TL lounger, you arrive in TL as your custom race adult, with your inventory and pipboy/glove intact. And you exit again in the same state.

Personally, I have no interest in doing anything in TL other than exiting TL again, so I just head straight into the Abandoned House, activate the Chinese Invasion program and then exit TL again. And everything is fine. I lose nothing, and my race/age changes not one jot. Just how I want it.

As I say, this is a very very simple alteration to the scripts that handle the changes, and the mod effectively took about ten minutes to create. If anyone is interested, these are the scripts involved and the specific lines that were disabled within them (in original order):

MQ04Script (entering TL)
Player.RemoveAllItems MQ04PlayerContainerRef
Player.RemoveItem Pipboy 1 1
Player.RemoveItem PipboyGlove 1 1
SetPCYoung 1
player.AgeRace -1
player.additem MQ04PlayerOutfit 1 1
player.equipitem MQ04PlayerOutfit 1 1

MQ04PlayerContainerScript (exiting TL)
Player.AgeRace 1
setPCYoung 0
Player.unequipitem MQ04PlayerOutfit 0 1
Player.Removeitem MQ04PlayerOutfit 1 1
RemoveAllItems Player 0 1
Player.EquipItem VaultSuit112 0 1
Player.Additem Pipboy 1 1
Player.EquipItem Pipboy 1 1
player.AddItem PipboyGlove 1 1
Player.EquipItem PipboyGlove 1 1

...and that's it. It just disables those lines. Nothing more, nothing less. Very straightforward and simple.

As with any other .esp based mod, extract the 'Custom Race - Tranquility Lane Fix.esp' in to your Data folder and tick it in FOMM.

Once you've completed the Tranquility Lane quest you can untick and remove the mod from your Data folder as its job is done and it has no further effect or use within the current game.

Known Issues
None that I'm aware of. But, naturally, if you run some other mod which makes changes to the scripts for Tranquility Lane, you're more than likely going to run into problems. You have been warned!

Also, since your 'real world' inventory is not removed, it probably wouldn't be a good idea to go wild with a Fatman or any other weapon in TL. That could break more than just a few windows. Like the quest, for example...

Although there is no reason why using this mod should have any detrimental effects at all (other than the oddity of allowing you to keep anything picked up in Tranquility Lane), it is always a good idea to save before using it and confirm that everything is okay afterwards. I made this mod purely for my own use, found it did exactly what I wanted, and decided to share. But it comes with no warranty of fitness for purpose whatsoever.

Other than that, you are free to do with it whatever you like. But if you change something and break someone else's game, I won't be held responsible. Nuff said...