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Special Encounter inspired by Fallout 2 where you travel through a gateway back to vault 13 and end up destroying the water chip. And you pick up the solar powered 'Solar Scorcher' weapon. A sureal adventure.

Permissions and credits
The Solar Scorcher - Return to Vault 13
Travel through the Guardian of Forever gateway back to vault 13 and find the fabled solar scorcher weapon!

by WillieSea
version 1.2 - 04/28/2013

The Guardian of Forever is a special encounter in Fallout 2. It is a giant time portal which lets the Chosen One travel back in time before the start of Fallout 1 to break the water chip in Vault 13. This is how Fallout 1 starts, with the chosen one looking for a new water chip.

Vault 13 in this encounter was limited to where the player could go and there also were no vault inhabitants. It was like an 'alternate dimension' vault 13, not the real thing. I took some artistic libery in my recreation but mostly followed the original layout of vault 13.
The 'Guardian of Forever' is a reference to the Star Trek episode "The City on the Edge of Forever".

- Fallout 3

Please read it before asking questions...

Wandering down a lonely broken road towards the destroyed city of Fairfax, lights ahead catch your attention. You see a line of streetlights leading up to a lighted building. Managing to sneak your way in past the gun emplacements, you come across a strange looking gateway and a voice booms out...

Reward: the Solar Scorcher
You find the solar powered 'Solar Scorcher' weapon. It will only recharge in daylight, so you must be outside and have it equipped.
NOTE: The default weapon is low-powered. After you get the weapon, you can use the 'Receptionists' terminal any time you want to change the weapon model, ammo capacity and recharge rate.
The different weapon typs are available depending on your level.
Read the terminal to find out what the level requirements are.

Known Issues and Caution
1) Tested with game patch v1.7
2) There is a known issue with the 'reload' animation '1hpreloadf' where it messes up the cell and latch after it plays. This can also be seen if you use the laser pistol. This is only visible in 3rd person 'after' you reload the weapon. If you un-equip and then re-equip the weapon, it goes away.
3) Conflicts with CEI (Caesarrulez Excessive Interiors). The building used is the Raider HQ.

Animation fix: Download this and install, overwrite when asked. You must use some form of archive invalidation for this to work. This fixes the 3rd person animations discussed above in Known Issues #2.

1. Download the 7z file.

2. Unpack the 7z file to your game folder \Fallout3\Data\*.esp

3. Copy the \textures\ folder to your game's \Data\ folder. Since this replaces NONE of the vanilla textures, so you can over-write if asked.
Copy to location:

4. Copy the \Meshes\ folder to your game's \Data\ folder. Since this replaces NONE of the vanilla meshes, you can over-write if asked.

5. Do the same with the \sound\ folder as in steps 3 and 4 above.

6. Activate the mod from the 'Data Files' list on your start menu.

7. Play the game. Head for the Fairfax ruins which is south east of Megaton. The builing is IN Fairfax.

*NOTE* If the textures are purple on object in the game:
a) Make sure you have some form of Archive Invalidation installed.
b) And that you placed the texture in the proper folder as defined above.

*NOTE* If you see a yellow diamond then you did not install the meshes to the correct folder path.

Starting the Mod
Head towards the Fairfax ruins and look around for an illuminated and protected building. Find the entrance key in the parking lot in order to activate the card reader to get in.

Street lights, lighted streets, lighted building, turrets protecting the building. The key card is nearby.

Building inside where you find the gateway.
The gateway sends you to the entrance of Vault 13 where you must make your way to the command level where you find the gun. Once found, you can return back through the gateway.

WillieSea - Entire mod
Solar Scorcher weapon - Initial design by Madcat221, finished up by falcon8204 with final touch up fixes by DaMage. Texture by WillieSea

captain-ultima - Icons for Weapon and V13 suit
captain-ultima - V13 outfit normal maps

And most importantly to:
Bethesda for the game and construction set.

Play Testers
* WillieSea
* Gator Country
* Ashven
* Miss Sparkle
* EliteKill
* EruditeDragon
* Expresate
* captain-ultima
* sesom
* The 3rd Type
* YX33A
* talon111

Legal and Permissions
- You can re-use any of the scripts or ideas from this mod, as long as you give credit where it is due.
- You may convert it to another language, but you must keep the original English readme file intact and point to the download site on Fallout 3 Nexus.

Version History
Version 1.2 - 04/28/2012
1. Added another version of the weapon, re-did the levels required to get each weapon.
2. Added model types available message to the receptionists terminal which you can view 'after' you get the gun.
3. Gun now displays better in the force field holder.
4. Vents in lower level now have better percentage chance to give random ammo.
5. Training terminals actually train you now.

Version 1.1 - 08/08/2010
- New critical death animation
- Its different for robots.

Version 1.0 - 08/01/2010 Initial Release
Version 0.1 thru 0.5 - 07/27/2010 Beta

* * SPOILERS * *
A brief step by step guide to the mod so far...

1. Find keycard outside in parking lot. Look near the bike with the skeleton on it.
2. Use keycard on security reader and door opens for 5 seconds. Activate the door!
3. Inside, drop through hole in floor and walk into the Gateway of Forever.
4. Use Vault 13 console to 'blow up' vault electronics.
5. Medical door now opens, find security keycard on table in recovery room.
6. Keycard opens elevator door. Use elevator.
7. Use terminal in operations to open mainframe overseer door. One of the terminals in the training room has the password in an email.
8. Use Mainframe terminal to open secure room.
9. Repair gas-line to pump gas into cavern. Blow up gas damaging deathclaws, then finish them off.
10. Get keycard from foot locker in cavern.
11. Operate research terminal to get Solar scorcher.
12. Exit via the Gateway of Forever and your back in the real world once again. Was it a dream?
13. Use the receptionist terminal to change the 'settings' on the solar scorcher weapon.