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A Raider town in the North West Wasteland situated on a bridge. Can you clear them out? A fun battle mod.
*Adding atmosphere to the wastes.

Permissions and credits
Bridge Town
A Raider town in the North West Wasteland situated on a bridge.

by WillieSea
version 1.0 - 07/24/2010

*Kudos or endorsements appreciated. Thank You!

- Fallout 3

Please read it before asking questions...

Wandering around up north, you hear whispered rumors from wasteland survivors of a town of raiders and to avoid the long bridges up there. Planning on taken them out, you search the nearby Com-Sat towers full of raiders until you come over the top of a mountain and before you is a long broken bridge. Scurrying accross the bridge like ants are raiders and their shanty shacks!

Known Issues and Caution
Not compatible with v1.5.
It is compatible with v1.6 or above.

1. Download the 7z file.

2. Unpack the 7z file to your game folder \Fallout3\Data\*.esp

3. Copy the \textures\ folder to your game's \Data\ folder. Since this replaces NONE of the vanilla textures, so you can over-write if asked.
Copy to location:

4. Activate the mod from the 'Data Files' list on your start menu.

5. Play the game. Find the bridge.

*NOTE* If your texture is purple on the sign, make sure you have some form of Archive Invalidation installed. And that you placed the texture in the proper folder as defined above.

Starting the Mod
Head to the North West part of the map. Bridge town is the next bridge north from the Car Fort location.

ALL RAIDERS EXCEPT THE BOSS WILL RESPAWN. I used the vanilla raider lists, so if you have mods that change those lists, then they will show up on the bridge.

The fortified 'Bridge Town' has many raiders milling around. Be very careful or you will quickly be blasted by them as they swarm you.

There are 5 shacks that you can enter, erradicate the inhabitants and loot the places.

There is a Raider Boss who owns a Shiskabob, Nitrous version! He lives in the two story shack.

The 'broken lockers' in the two story shack are safe to store your gear in. That includes the containers that are sitting inside the lockers shelves.

WillieSea - Entire mod

And most importantly to:
Bethesda for the game and construction set.

Play Testers
* WillieSea
* ghoulsrpeople2
* Ashven
* Davii

Legal and Permissions
- You can re-use any of the scripts or ideas from this mod, as long as you give credit where it is due.
- You may convert it to another language, but you must keep the original English readme file intact and point to the download site on Fallout 3 Nexus.

Version History
Version 1.0 - 07/24/2010 Initial Release