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The Idea: America implements the Final Solution to global warming. Releasing the sulfur into the stratosphere goes wrong and world is carpeted in a cloud layer of sulfur particles and vaporous mixes. This sets off a general war among countries. Nuclear weapons are used but not in such excess to cause nuclear winter.. bla bla.. here we are.

What it does: It adds a climate to reflect the pollution caused by the sulfur. (4 different sets of weather that cycle)
Returns trees and grass in abundance to the world.
Changes water radiation. Some water is still radioactive but most is not.

I will keep this on top so people can have a quick and easy to spot reference.
1)Download "Their World V2 fomod" main file
2)Install using FOMM (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=640)
3)Download "Their World V2-2" update
4)Extract to data folder and confirm overwrite
5)Start FOMM
6)Make sure Their World.esp is last in load order
7)Start game
1)Download "Their World V2" main file
2)Extract to your Fallout 3 folder (if esp is in ..\Fallout 3\data\ you did it correctly)
3)Download "Their World V2-2" update
4)Extract to same folder as main file and confirm overwrite
5)Open with Wordpad FALLOUT.INI (located in My Documents\My Games\Fallout3 folder)
6)Change original values to following:

iMinGrassSize=60 (can go lower if you have a good pc)

OPTIONAL: uGridsToLoad=7 (Higher number, farther away trees load but its a performance hog so experiment with what works best for you. ALSO keep in mind that saved games with higher gridload cannot be loaded with lower gridload in ini)

7)Open FalloutPrefs.ini(located in My Documents\My Games\Fallout3 folder) and change original values to:


8) Make sure Their World.esp is last in load order
9) Start game

10)Hopefully enjoy it :)

General install info: Main File, Update file, Optional file.. This is the intended order you should extract things, except performance
textures as they are, after V3-3, not needed.

GrassOverload: This is a test release. I am reconsidering what can be done with grass
in the world and i need feedback from you guys. I have introduced new
grass type to fill gaps between old grass in the world and need to know
what you think. Does it kill performance, does it look bad, any bugs
etc.. Hope you help out guys. Simply extract to data to install and to
remove just delete grass dds and restore previous version esp. Thanks in
PS: I recommend setting iMinGrassSize= to default because now there is a lot of grass around.
PPS: This first file is not optimized so i expect its a system hog.. just
something to keep in mind. I put it out to see how you can handle it
guys and get info.


V 3-3 update: Well more and more tree clusters are getting fixed, still
not all but.. Will be one day. Changed Pine tree model to allow for
better visibility, and Honeysuckle got a new texture. You should extract
this update last because if you will use performance textures you will
get old textures on trees. Ones from here are optimized already so i
wont upload performance versions for now.


THEIR WORLD V3: Ok this is the new version of the mod. Pretty much everything
has been tweaked and changed from trees to weather and such. Basically I
hope you try it out and like it. One thing i tried to do was minimize
tree popping and it is minimal now BUT..

To enjoy the mod as intended open with Wordpad FALLOUT.INI (located in My Documents\My Games\Fallout3 folder)
CHANGE uGridsToLoad=5 TO uGridsToLoad=7
I can't change this for you and without it you will see trees loading and popping up from nowhere.
Change this setting and popping will go away for most of the time
with minimal impact on performance
CAUTION: Save game file made with higher Grids value cannot be loaded if you change to a smaller value again.
Ok that's the important setting, other settings that can improve your
experience with the mod are in the Install instructions part of this
description. Use is recommended for optimal performance.

UPDATE v3-1xx :Added BrightestNights esp to the bundle just to make you all happy :) Rest is the same as the former update. Pick and choose, enable and hopefully you'll be happy with the nights now cause they are bright and with extended visibility.

UPDATE v3-1x : Some small weather changes to hopefully prevent could tearing i have been experiencing. Some trees removed around vault 87. Also included are two esps. One is my normal nights other is brighter version. Now it is not vanilla bright but you should be able to see better at night and still retain the weather atmosphere the mod intends. Went as bright as i felt comfortable so if its not enough.. I am sorry but someone else is gonna have to do it as I really don't feel bright nights fit this mod.

Their World v3-1 : What to say.. worked a bit on this and i'm quite happy. First i have done some optimizing on the trees and should be less stressful then v3. Replaced distant dead trees with new billboards of live ones. Arefu trees got moved and entrance looks normal now. Deleted some extra trees that i found to cause performance hiccups but its a lot of wasteland to go over.. For now i will be, in next updates, fixing trees around towns and anything that you report.. so report away peeps :). Also all the weather got an overhaul.. and im quite happy with it. Specially proud of the Electric Storm one.. Its nothing special but I got a wow effect once i made it. Feel free to comment on those too and anything you might suggest to improve the mod. Ok Thanks for playing the mod and hope you keep enjoying it ;)

PerformanceTextures : This is an optional set of normals that i reduced to help anyone having performance issues. Myself, being on a single core and geforce 7900, it helps a bit. As its only normal reduced there shouldn't be too much of a difference. All feedback relating performance and these textures is welcome.
NEW:I'm uploading a v3.0 esp of Their World and I would
like to ask couple of gamers to test it out. I am not sure how big of performance hit will be and if the trees change maybe causes some bugs in placement. For me its not large but just in case i need some play testers. Also if you will test it please change uGridsToLoad=5 into 6. I am trying to minimize tree poping and minimizing places where you can see barren landscape. Keep in mind saves made with the changed uGridsToLoad will not load if you go back to original lower value. If you do test please comment on new trees, performance and any bugs you may find.
THX in advance peoples and i hope you will like the new Their World :)
OK I'm back :) So thanks for all the comments while i was away. I uploaded a new update that balances weather bit better. Changes are now less often and foggy weather has been removed till i tweak it a bit better. Also some other things are changed.. Hope you like it. Also i will be doing a bit bigger update soon but this is it for now.

NEW: Their World V2-3 update:Foggy weather was removed till i tweak it better. Several tweaks made to EyeOfTheStorm(clear type weather) and volatility has been lowered meaning weather changes every 12 or so hours now.Plus changed %chances for each weather type.
Their World V2-2 update: Fixes to certain intrusive trees ( Project Purity etc..), contains the good grass texture (so you don't have to download 3 files for MANUAL install), some other tweaks..

Their World v21esp : New esp with tweaked sunsets and dust night. You need the main to play, this is just a new esp. Please comment what you think of it. Tried to make transitions more realistic and toned.
Also any input on performance of the mod is useful. Is it slow on your pc, works good etc.. tnx. (wondering if i should make a performance pack so need input)

Their World V2 fomod (Courtesy of OriginOFPain): It contains both V2 and V2 QuickFix inside + Fallout.ini tweaks (not the optional one). Use it for easy install with Fomm.

V2 QuickFix: I realized i hated the new grass color.. way to green so i just had to change it. And i kinda messed up a weather setting so fixed that too. Sorry for the additional hassle..

Their World V2: Ok it's all new and hope even better. So whats new.. Different grass texture, new land textures, tweaks to some weather settings, removed some bad placed trees.
How to install: Extract, enable, play. I do recommend using NMC textures for seamless landscape(not needed for mod but they are good), if you do, to keep feel of the new land extract mine over his (they are the same just differently positioned).
Ok that's it.. Have fun and hope you like it..

PS: If i messed something up give a shout, i don't have enough time to play test atm so help is appreciated.
PPS: Upload is real slow so give it a bit ;)
UPDATE: Well NMC gave me the go to use some of his textures to redo the landscape so next update will get some sweet landscape. Think ill call it.. Desert be gone :D You can see some samples in images :)

Also for as its meant grass change following


iMinGrassSize=60 (can go lower if you have a good pc)
OPTIONAL: uGridsToLoad=7 (Higher number, farther away trees load but its a performance hog so experiment with what works best for you)

Basicaly these settings will make grass sway good and be more dense.
That is it ..

DISCLAIMER: Its a mod i use so i shared, could be it's no good.. hope though its not really bad :)


OriginOFPain for Fomod install package and script. Thanks mate.

Big thanks to NMC for letting me use his textures as a resource.. they are awesome

Great tree pack that made it soo sweet looking in my opinion (with few adjustments)

Deadboy13 for play-testing and feedback.

And all modders that do great mood mods, great inspiration there :)