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Very detailed & original player home located at The Mall.

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Thanks to everyone who voted file of the month. I took third. It all worked out perfectly, because in all honesty Fellout & Vault 101 Revisted ARE bigger & better mods so a big congrats to them as well. :)

The 2nd Performance Update is uploaded as of 9-28-10.
- I recompressed most of the textures so now Solace runs smoothly on my PC and hopefully yours too.

- This is the download order, as it's hard to tell what to download first.
1. Main file Solace
2. Update Fixed
3. Performance Update
4. Performance Fixed

This is my flagship mod. Solace.
It is very detailed and nicely placed by the Monument at The Mall.
The key is in a mailbox in front of the gate. No quest here sorry.
Requires: Fallout 3, doesn't require any expansions.

**Important** Do Not Shoot The Posters! They will explode.
Thanx to krimzin for the heads up!

**As of July 13th, the Performance Update is uploaded.
-Same as original only the posters don't light up & the lighting has slightly changed.
-After the initial lag you should get a lot better performance.
-If you've downloaded the main file & the Update Fixed, download this Performance Update next and overwrite the esp.

*First Update:
-Fully navmeshed now inside & out
-New stash safe in Master BR
-Turrets outside are essential/one is set to respawn.
-Added shelves by Humvee
-Added some Radios
-Added lots of Posters for eye candy
-Moved some furniture around
-Removed some marble stands & display cases to improve FPS
-Retex of Pinball & Skeeball items

I intend to add more to it in the future, but due to me having to move and not having my PC for awhile I'am uploading it here now.

- Very large living area.
- Bar/Kitchen with new meshes and textures.
- Pool Table with all 15 balls & Stick rack.
- Dining area that's not completely finished, but still looks good.
- LCD tv's with Blu-Ray player in rooms and living area.
- Small basement equipped with lab,infirmary,experiments, and anvil that can repair your gear based on your skill.
- Animated Aquarium.
- Display area with bobblehead stand, slanted shelves for books or whatever you like & 10 mannequin stands for use with AndyW1384's mod located here
- Fully original bathroom with shower, washer & dryer, and jacuzzi!
- Decontamination area that doesn't do anything quite yet but add to immersion aesthetically.
- Humvee & Cobra chopper outside.
- Fully original "greenroom" with Marijuana plants,all kinds of fruits, and clutter items such as a bong,weed bags, and a hashtray ;)
- Water purifier & beer tap that does nothing but looks good right now.
- Pinball & skeeball.
- Ping Pong table outside.
- BBQ pit on the deck.
- Retractable steel "windows" activated by electrical switch.
- Terminal opened Security gate equipped with electric barbwire.
- Garden outside with strawberries & corn stalks hydrated by a know you like it :)
- Armory with a HUGE amount of storage space with light activated posters and a training dummy.
- If you activate the armored vault suit it will disappear and be in your inventory like normal, so you've been warned.
- New couches, chairs, and a modern platform bed!

- It's still not completely finished but oh well.

- This is dedicated to all those modders who give their work & expect nothing in return.

Several of the Posters are from Dan Luvisi @ DeviantArt & his upcoming graphic novel Last Man Standing.
LCDtv,Tables,Blu-Ray - Regent Eagle
Resource Pack - cire992
Light Switches - odin_ml
Katanas - necKros & Jannix Quinn & Black Blossom for retex that I retexed :)
Vain's Rug's
Hengebob's USMC pool table,barrel's,Pinball, & Skeeball retex Ooh-RAH Devil Dog!
Weed plants,bags, & joints - Jaysus
DRX drugs - coreoveride
Aquarium - Malo
Corn stalk's,Strawberry bushes, & little wagon are from Skykappas 3000 resource.
Cobra & Humvee - Redline_C64
Motorcycles - tumbajamba
Slanted Shelves - falcon8204 & Miss Sparkle
Keypad - lordinquisitor
Art - Genzoman
Jacuzzi/water help from Rayek thanx a bunch man!
angelwraith for lag/FPS issues, thanx!
Hengebob's for the numerous questions I've asked him :D
Bethesda for the game & GECK...I mod more than I play! XD

If i have forgotten anyone please let me know and I'll fix that.