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  1. MegatonSettler
    • member
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    If you can not get the results in the screenshots download this mod and install it.

    UIO - User Interface Organizer

    IT WILL NOT SHOW UP IN LOAD ORDER. BUT it will work. What it does it activates hud mods without screwing up the game. ( or something like that. )

    All i know is i tried the mod with this one and it works. be patient UIO works after install. you just need to be patient when you load or start a new game because you should only see results during gameplay.

    IF you are using Powered Power Armor dont forget to charge your armor AFTER you put it on or it wont work right ( stat penalties and movment penaties during gameplay )

  2. darkgamer120
    • supporter
    • 1 posts
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    When i try to equip, the menu comes up and it unequips itself. Is this a bug or something?
    1. Michel889
      • supporter
      • 509 posts
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  3. zerozlayer
    • member
    • 19 posts
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    wich hud modification is used on the first picture?
  4. ibanix
    • supporter
    • 125 posts
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    Does this mod take timescale into account? Because playing at 1:12, I see the temperature go up as much as 10F - and back down 10F - in ten minutes. Which is just wrong.
  5. XxBurntOrangexX
    • member
    • 37 posts
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    Wondering if anyone could tell me how to move the hud icons around the screen. Can't seem to find it listed anywhere or figured it out ingame.
  6. stsy123
    • BANNED
    • 17 posts
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    101VRanger, message the people and tell them a cash reward is on-hand.
  7. goemonchan
    • member
    • 144 posts
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    ...and also an integration with ProjectRealityMKI would be desirable. Is there anyone with the proper technical knowledge to do this work? It would be nice to have the proper weather condition according to the temperature and humidity and to the season of course! Hope someone can help!
  8. 101VRanger
    • BANNED
    • 1,261 posts
    • 8 kudos
    Yup. I DEFINITELY agree with all out there who says this mod NEEDS to be integrated into Xepha's Dynamic weather and/or those nice Enhanced Weather esps ... whoever does it, cash is at hand <img class="emoticon" src="https://forums.nexusmods.com/public/style_emoticons/dark/biggrin.gif" /> ...

    seriously, needs to be done, wish I had the knowledge to do it myself ... <img class="emoticon" src="https://forums.nexusmods.com/public/style_emoticons/dark/sad.gif" />
  9. goemonchan
    • member
    • 144 posts
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    Hi lanceuppercut47 where did you find the FWE Ambient Temp hotfix? I never seen it. Is it goof for the last FWE release?
  10. Manoroc
    • member
    • 28 posts
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    how coul´d i adjust the ambient temp. element?