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Modifies the assault rifle with SOPMOD-style rails and a black texture with seceral options.

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Name: G3 variety Mod
Author: PantherX
Version: Beta 1.0
Date: 6/3/2010
Category: Mod and Resource

The G3 Sniper rifles contained incorrect texture paths resulting in texture artifacts ingame. A new version has been uploaded with fixed nifs as well as a smaller quick fix for those who downloaded the older version.

**UPDATE 2**
I finally fixed the issue with the weapons not showing up in the inventories at Craterside Supply, Flak and Shrapnel's and Underworld Outfitters.

The new Version (V3) contains the fixed esp files. There is also a smaller download with just the fixed esp's for those who already have V2 uploaded.

**UPDATE 3**

Fixed an issue with the bonus weapon I believe that this should be the last fix.

Quick fix containing the uploaded for those who have either versions V2 or V3. V4 contains all fixes.

**UPDATE 4**
Just when you thought the fixes were over. This update adds missing textures for the bonus weapon and fixes the scope issue in the .esp files. Smaller fix added for those with the previous version.

This last version (I'm moving on to New Vegas) contains a few fixes for bug brought to my attention recently. I will however continue to fix any bugs that you find in this mod so feel free to contact me if you find any.

As usual a smaller fix has also been uploaded for those with the previous version.



This mod adds some weapon variety by adding a black texture and SOPMOD style rails to the standard assault rifle, there are also sniper rifles based on the assault rifle added as well. It's meant as a resource but I've also added a couple of esp files so non-modders can use the weapons in their games. This mod is primarily meant as a resource but esp's are included for non-modders.


The following weapons are added to the game; Sniper rifles in 5.56mm and .308 cal styles with suppressed versions of each; Assault rifles (AR) in standard and compact styles with the compact styles coming with versions with the stocks extended and closed. There is also a version of the standard assault rifle with vanilla textures included called Assault Rifle Mk II.

Furthermore each AR style has the following attachment options: Iron sight, Aimpoint red dot scope and EOTech reflex sights each type also has suppressed versions as well. In all there are 22 different weapon options available (the Assault Rifle Mk II does have versions with attachments)

To help identify the different options each weapon uses I used the following suffixes:

ap - aimpoint scope
eot - EOTech sight
sil - suppressor
cl - Closed stock

So the standard rifle (called 'Military Rifle') with an Eotech scope and suppressor will be named 'Military Rifle (eot/sil)'

In terms of stats the standard rifle does more damage and is more accurate than the vanilla rifle, the compact assault rifle does the same damage as the standard rifle but is less accurate since it has a shorter barrel.

There are 2 esps included with this mod:

G3VarietyModMerch - Adds the basic weapons to Moira in Megaton, EOTech weapons and .308 snipers to Flak and Shrapnel in Rivet City and Aimpoint weapons to Tulip in Underworld.

G3VarietyModCheatbox - Adds a box containing all of the weapons to a footlocker in Springfield Elementary. It's meant as an easy way for modders to test the weapons in-game but if you're impatient you can use it to get the weapons without having to shop around.

I purposely kept the esp files as simple as possible to avoid conflicts with other mods so there shouldn't be any issues. If you want to these weapons added to the NPC leveled-lists you'll have to do it yourself.

If you want any more attachments JackPack has a great mod that walks you through the process of adding attachments and has virtually all the attachment resources your greedy heart can desire can desire. Check it out here: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8770

If you contact me about adding additional attachments to the weapons in this mod I will direct you to Jackpacks mod above.


There is a folder called 'alternate meshes' that contains version of all the weapons with curved magazines and lower profile charging handles like the one found on the sniper versions. IF you wish to use these copy the 'Meshes' folder into your Fallout3/data folder and overwrite all files.

Bonus 2:

I've added a secret weapon somewhere in the wasteland, it's damage will the same as the Xuanlong rifle but with much better accuracy. No pics of this weapon has been posted, no merchant sells it and no clue to it's location will be revealed. If you find it post a pic to show your superior scavenging skills.

Good luck.


Fallout 3 Patch 1.7


1. Extract the files from the archive.
2. Copy all files except for the 'Alternate meshes' folder to (install folder)\Fallout 3\Data\
3. Start Fallout 3 Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

If you're not already using it I recommend Fallout Mod manager highly: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=640


1. Start Fallout 3 Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod.


I've set up the esp files to have as small a footprint as possible. There should be no compatibility issues.


No known issues so far, please let me know if you find any.


1.0 6/3/2010 - Initial Release


PM me at www.Fallout3nexus.com


This file is provided as is and the author holds no responsibility for anything that may come to happen from using this file.