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AWE is designed in order to bring more immersion, realism and life into the Capital Wasteland. In vanilla Fallout 3, most settlements in the game are poorly thought out, and non self-sustainable. This mod aims to change that through additions and expansions to the settlements themselves, and to the game world as a whole, including new factions and

Permissions and credits
Attentater5 stopped working on this mod in 2009, so I picked it up to fix up the content he had created. If you would like to help improve the mod please share your bug reports and ideas, or create some content!

Name: Attentater's Wasteland Economy (AWE)
Current Version: 0.5.9 BETA
Date: 08/03/2015
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Author: Attentater5, SpaceOden

AWE is designed in order to bring more immersion, realism and life into the Capital Wasteland. In vanilla (release-version) Fallout 3, most settlements in the game are poorly thought out, and non self-sustainable. This mod aims to change that through additions and expansions to the settlements themselves, and to the game world as a whole, including new factions and NPCs.

AWE aims to add a large number of seamless additions to vanilla Fallout 3, mostly centering around variety, immersion, realism and replay value in the game world. These changes are listed below.

Additions to Settlements
Extensions and changes have been made to several in-game settlements in order to make them more believable and self-sustainable. In Tenpenny Towers, a brahmin pen and guard tower has been added outside of the wall, and a large water installation and water pump has been constructed. Megaton is now watched over by snipers in several crow's nests, and the settlers actually have names now. Rivet City now has a functioning Reactor Room, and a computer mainframe. Girdershade is now something of a real settlement, with a water tower, generator and secure fence. A water tank has been added to Andale, and the town is now guarded by "Hunters". Several windmills have been added to Canterbury Commons, as well as some more Brahmin and some plants. Finally, mines have been used to defend the ramp leading up to Arefu, and more food sources have been added to Paradise Falls.

New Factions and NPCs
"Megaton Hunters" and "Megaton Scavengers", each with unique loot lists, now roam the wastes during the day, returning to Megaton each night to rest and sell their goods. In addition, snipers have been placed around the crow's nests in Megaton. Outside of Rivet City, "Rivet City Mercenaries" have been hired to keep the caravan paths clear of raiders and Supermutants. Each day, they will go out and attempt to kill the mutants, returning to Rivet City each night. Outside of Underworld, "Underworld Scavengers" search the battlegrounds where Brotherhood soldiers and Supermutants fight, hoping to loot the treasures of the dead.

New Caravans
Two new caravans have been added to the game so far. The first is the Paradise Falls slave caravan, which travels between Paradise Falls, Evergreen Mills, Andale and Canterbury Commons; and the Tenpenny Tower Supply Caravan, which travels between Tenpenny Tower, Megaton, Rivet City and Canterbury Commons.

Several small, repeatable quests and gameplay changes are also planned for later versions of this mod. Please don't hesitate to make requests, although I can't guarantee anything. Enjoy the mod!

1. Extract the "Attentater's Wasteland Economy.esp" file to (install folder)Fallout 3Data.
2. Start Fallout Mod Manager, and place a checkmark beside the .esp file.
3. Start the game normally.

1. Start Fallout 3 Mod Manager, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete the "Attentater's Wasteland Economy.esp" from the Fallout 3Data folder.

This mod is completely compatible with MMM, FWE and Arwen's Realism Tweaks.

If you intend to use this mod with other mods which change the exteriors of game settlements (W.A.N.K., for example), ensure this mod is loaded after those mods in your load order.

Do not use this mod with another mod which renames Megaton settlers - it won't cause any issues if you do, but it is unnecessary.

Otherwise, there should be no incompatibilities.

Known Issues or Bugs
You cannot currently purchase slaves, although that feature will be added in later versions.
Slaves will respond if talked to, and seem weirdly cheerful.
Slavers are currently too polite.
All issues will be fixed. Let me know if you find any more.

======= BETA, 08/09/2015, SpaceOden
-Made Emmanuel essential and his guards respawn
-Megaton Hunters and Mirelurk Hunters now carry a gun and melee weapon
-Zaytsev and Carlos now carry rifles
-RC Mercs now only wear combat helmets (these guys are supposed to be professionals)
-Tweaked AI - Hunters and Scavengers are more cautious and defend one another
-nudged Zaytsev's tower closer to the wall (hopefully he can shoot now)

0.5.9 BETA, 08/03/2015, SpaceOden
-Removed unnecessary world edits.
-Removed all but 3 underworld scavengers.
-Removed the giant radroaches.
-Removed a rivet city merc, and lowered their pc level mult to 1.5
-Nudged Zaytsev's outside reference (-4649,-28638) -> (-4549,-28838)

0.5.8 BETA, 07/20/2010, SpaceOden
-Completely reworked the Arefu landmines. Fixed the bug that prevented them from being disarmed. An observant player should now be able to reach Arefu without setting any of them off.
-Integrated the non-sneaking hunters patch.

0.5.7 BETA, 06/28/2010, SpaceOden
-Removed many unnecessary edits.
-Resolved a potential ctd.
-Fixed the Megaton double brahmin issue.
-Removed rare/hi-tech weapons from Megaton scavengers, hunters and snipers and Rivet City mercs.
-Made BoS hostile to Underworld ghouls.
-Made the Evergreen Mills Behemoth friendly to the slave caravan.

0.5.5 BETA, 04/12/2009, Attentater5
-Fixed several graphical errors present in Tenpenny Tower and Girdershade.
-Added an extra crow's nest to the exterior version of Megaton (which Bethesda apparently forgot).
-Fixed Megaton snipers, so they can now be seen/fought from outside of Megaton as well as within.

0.5 BETA, 03/12/2009, Attentater5
- Initial release.

Feel free to post comments, questions, bug reports and suggestions in the comments section of this page, or sent me a PM (SpaceOden).

Thanks to Attentater5 for conceiving and making this mod.
Thanks to strait_raider for extensive testing and feedback.
Thanks to The 3rd Type, for creating the display picture for this file and for contributing ideas.
Thanks to HaloGunner117, a fantastic worldbuilder who's guard tower design I shamelessly copied.
Thanks to WillieSea, pkleiss, JustinOther and Fearnoman777 for helping me resolve a NavMesh issue.
Thanks to Leaping Lizard, ghoulsrpeople2, Antibody, Ophryon, old_andy, OniOne, Xetirox and everyone else who contributed ideas and suggestions.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
No thanks to M'heree for stealing my identity, and my soul.

You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod. If I do not respond within 2 weeks, feel free to do whatever you like with this mod.