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Requires FOSE v1.2+

Impervious Power Armour makes power armour turn you into a walking tank, rather than a tinfoil soldier. When geared up in it, you shrug off small arms entirely.

Whilst wearing any power armour (including any from mods) you gain Damage Reduction equal to 25% of the armour's full Armour Rating. For example, a suit of Brotherhood Power Armour with AR 40 grants 10 Reduction. Helmets give reduction equal to their full AR, so a Brotherhood Power Helmet grants 10 Reduction. In addition, Metal Armour also grants the same bonuses- in order to make it a viable alternative to Combat Armour.

The amount of Reduction granted can be altered in-game, if you're using mods that increase weapon damage. The Reduction is then applied in one of two ways, which you can switch between in-game:

1. Default Mode
The Reduction is subtracted from any weapon hits you take- so a bullet that hits you for 10 or less damage when you've got 10 Reduction will do no damage. Hits greater than the Reduction are reduced as well, so a 20 damage bullet will only deal 10. In Default Mode, a power armoured character will take little damage from anything weaker than a grenade.

2. Threshold Mode
Any hits dealing less damage than the Reduction are ignored; any hits dealing more damage than the Reduction go through unaffected. You'll still shrug off 10 damage pistol shots, but 20 damage Laser Rifles get through unaffected. This mode makes power armoured characters and NPCs significantly more vulnerable to small arms with high damage and low rate of fire, like Sniper Rifles and most Energy Weapons.

These bonuses affect NPCs too, so Brotherhood of Steel Patrols will shrug off Raiders with 9mm pistols or molerat nibbles, and you'll need to bring some hefty canopeners to take down the Enclave.

  • This is all handled by scripts. It will affect armour from any mod or DLC, and is not incompatible with any mod or DLC.

Idea nicked from Harmy52.
Thanks to Sparx10 for fixing the damage calculations.
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