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Your Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine can now make all beverages ice cold.

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Improved Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine

Your Pristine Nuka-Cola Machine can now make other beverages ice cold

Ever wanted to do more with your Nuka-Cola Machine now you can! You pay the bills to keep it running dont you why not be able to cool more then just Nuka-Cola.

Version 1.5
Added Alcohol and Quantum.
Cleaned up the buttons a bit the 1st button add beverages will turn all Waters and Nuka-Cola Ice Cold.
2nd will add all of your Alcohols and make them Ice Cold in one press.
So if you dont want a single item to become Ice Cold then remove it from your inventory first.
Ice Cold Alcohols have slightly different effects then normal versions for a bit of variety.
Can still get addicted to all the Alcohols and Quantum same as non cold versions.
Removed the over all "Alcohol Effect" so they dont x each other out as seen in pic.
Ex. Drink Wine and Vodka and your Dam Res will be +20%

Ice Cold Beer
Charisma +2 - Removed -1 Intelligence - Both versions now add a bottle cap - Strength Untouched

Ice Cold Vodka
Charisma +2 - Added Damage Resistance +10% - Strength and Intelligence Untouched

Ice Cold Wine
Same as Vodka but Removed -1 Intelligence

Ice Cold Whiskey + Scotch
Charisma +2 - Replaced Strength with Carry Weight +20 - Intelligence Untouched

Ice Cold Quantum
As of right now Ice Cold Quantum is only used to drink and give you 40 AP. Double the effect

===WARNING! Ice Cold Quantum will not be accepted in the nuka-cola challenge quest!
===WARNING! Ice Cold Quantum will not be accepted in making Nuka-Grenades!
===DO NOT! make it Ice Cold if you want to use it for one of the above!
I can not seem to get this to work if anyone would like to take a look at it would be much appreciated.

Works the same as making Nuka-Cola ice cold just hit the button and look inside. Doubles the HP effect for both Dirty and Purified water.

To install just drop the .esp into your data folder and enable threw the game but recommended you use FOMM.

Anyone is welcome to use this in any mod or pack as they see fit just be sure to credit me and let me know before doing so.

Please let me know what you think would love to hear what everyone has to say about it ALL comments are welcome.<J-SnOw>