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New mini game. Something like Pacman, but when Pacman is... YOU!

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I don't like to write BIG DESCRIPTIONS, so this is a short one:

"Progman" is a game in virtual reality, created by a programmer from Hubris Comics in 2077, just before the A-day. And YOU are able to find and play it.

There are some rumors that on the 21st of May, an epic game "Pacman" celebrated it's anniversary. So, this is my try to celebrate it as well.

RULES ARE THE SAME, but the story has changed. To avoid misunderstanding here come instructions:
1. You are the *Programmer*, *Progman*.
2. You must collect 100 *Computers* on the level.
3. *Managers* will try to stop you, try to avoid them.
4. You have 3 *Lives*. If the *Manager* catches you, you loose one *Life*.
5. There are 2 *Teleports* on the level, marked with green light. Use them to move immediately from one corner of the map to another. Only the *Progman* is able to use the *Teleports*.
6. No matter, how it would end - failure or success - you will return to the real world.

The room that you need is in the building where Hubris Comics actually is situated. You can find more details at the "Images" section.


For now there is only 1 level of the game. If the public likes it, I will make more.