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Fully automates the tedious process of creating many .lip files for Oblivion and FO3.

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A script based utility that convert all .wav and .txt files in a folder without need for user to do anything under the process.

Added a "small" AVI file to show script in action, had not the time to convert it to anything smaller.

Requires Gunmaster95 LIPGenerator.esp and setup to work, Bethesda TES CS 1.0.303 and AutoIt3 a script tool for automating Windows applications.

You find TES CS 1.0.303 here:

You find Gunmaster95 tutorial and .esp here:

To download AutoIt3 you have to visit this place:

Please, see the full ReadMe to the right for all details

This utility or combination of utilities creates a pipeline to automate the creation of .lip files from a bunch of .wav and .txt files that instruct the utility to use wanted settings and dialogs.

This is totally aimed at advanced modders that can script, like with TES CS and G.E.C.K. Have you used languages like VBS or Python this will be similar.

NOTE This is a beta, I have tested it on my machines but for sure my setups will not confirm to how everyone else have setup their environment.

NOTE 2 Of course this is usable for Oblivion modders also and since there is a lot of more mature mod creators on Oblivion they might see the benefit for this tool even more than general FO3 modders.

NOTE 3 Had to update to v1.0.1 since i found I used a function without proper flag.