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Word has reached you of a Marshal seeking out Regulators to pursue high-risk bounties in the post-Enclave Wasteland. His name is Cooper, and he\'s waiting for an intrepid young soul like yourself to take up the cause.

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In recent months the Enclave's defeat and the distribution of Aqua Pura have helped reinvigorate the Capital Wasteland. A growing economy with improved trade compels the foundation of a new boomtown on the Western fringes of the Wasteland. It is Potomac Breaks, a site rife with opportunity and danger. It is a free city - violently hostile to slavery, but also home to every manner of vice. With the proper credentials, you will find ample opportunity for adventure. In spite of the inroads of you and your peers in the effort against evil, powerful and malevolent forces endure. To confront this threat, you must take up the cause of Marshal Cooper. In time, you may become a Marshal yourself - if you survive. You will no longer just harass nameless bands of raiders and mercenaries - you will be pitted against the most dangerous assortment of outlaws in the Wasteland. Gird yourself for action - you will be tested, Regulator.
Potomac Breaks (Part 1) is a Western-themed mod that aims to loosely operate within the context and lore of Fallout 3. It is a spiritual successor to Aequiss' Regulator mod: It is designed for high-level characters (25+) with good Karma who are looking for a fresh challenge after defeating the Enclave, cleaning out Paradise Falls, Evergreen Mills, etc. Part 1 features "The Outlaws" series, which is effectively the introductory narrative for Potomac Breaks and my vision of the post-Enclave Wasteland. You must meet with Marshal Cooper in the Muddy Rudder; he will force-greet you and set you on your way. After several quests you can gain the Marshal Perk and custom gear (Duster, badge, rifle).
Quests (Current and Forthcoming):
- "The Outlaws" Series* (7 quests)
- You must deal with rogue regulators, militant ghouls, assassins, androids, raiders and of course, cannibals.
- "The Cage"
- Quest for the Unarmed Arena at Potomac Breaks. Battle your way up the ranks and fight the champ! (Gain a perk if you become champ)
- "Them"
- The first phase of an unfinished quest series that explores the dynamic between the Regulators and Littlehorn & Associates. I will say no more.
- "The Unusual Suspect" (Unfinished)
- Follow-up to "Them" - WIP
- "Dead Men Walking" (Not Included Yet)
- McCrae's stories lead you on several missions to hunt retired or diminished renegades.
- Potomac Breaks Quests - WIP
- Various quests provided by locals after you gain the Marshal Perk (Not Yet Implemented)
- "The Scourge" (Not Yet Begun - just alluded to)
- A large-scale invasion event featuring the migratory raider tribe, The Vandals. I have nowhere near the expertise to attempt this just yet, but I would like to implement it as the climactic event of the mod.
*To initiate the first quest series, enter the Muddy Rudder in Rivet City and approach Cooper; he will force-greet you and begin the quest

- Potomac Breaks is fully navmeshed with numerous named NPC's with distinct personalities. (Although no working vendors or dialogue just yet)
- I encourage you to explore the town and check out the characters there. It should be companion-friendly.
- An Unarmed Arena (I was shocked nobody at Nexus had done a melee or unarmed arena, so I made one to complement the town).
- New Perks and Custom Weapons (Hopefully not overpowered - that is annoying, so I've tried to avoid it)
- A littany of named opponents in the quests.
- Surprise encounters with avenging family members (payback for that body count you've accumulated - there are consequences for everyone).
- To initiate the first quest series, enter the Muddy Rudder in Rivet City and approach Cooper; he will force-greet you and begin the quest.

- This is my first mod; I am an amateur in many respects. This is not an excuse, but please take it into account before indiscriminately lambasting the thing.
- With that said, I wholeheartedly accept any and all feedback that will improve the mod. Please do not hesitate to proffer constructive criticism.
- It is an ongoing WIP. I fully admit that it should have been several different mods - nonetheless, I delved into it without fully appreciating the amount of work required for a project of this scope. Regardless, I am committed to seeing the finished product realized.
- The NPC Villains possess overpowered weapons and a complement of perks. They are designed to frustrate and kill high-level players. Improvise, adapt, overcome.
- If you would like to contribute in the areas of scripting, textures, art, etc., I am entirely open to any assistance you can offer!
- To initiate the first quest series, enter the Muddy Rudder in Rivet City and approach Cooper; he will force-greet you and begin the quest (I am redundant, but people will ask!)
- This mod features grossly profane dialogue. If you are easily offended, do not play Potomac Breaks!

- Requires: Fallout 3, The Pitt, and Mothership Zeta (Sorry for the inconvenience - attributed to my lack of skill with textures, meshes)
- Frequently entering and exiting Rivet City often causes the "Crash on exit"; here's a fix:
- I recommend disabling the "Mysterious Stranger" Perk during the quests, particularly the Arena (It ruins the fights). Perk ID: 31dbc
- Bug: The extremely annoying issue with "GREETING" appearing during speech options - I'm working on this.
- Recommended (Likely required, but I'm so incompetent I can only speculate): FOMM and FOSE
- Suspected Incompatibility: "Wasteland Travelers" Please let me know if you encounter a conflict!