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A small mod intended to bring the default Combat Armour from Fallout 3 more in line with suits from previous games.

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Original Combat Armour Mod

Author: Mikael Grizzly

Date: 5th/6th November 2008

* * *

I was disappointed in the appearance of the Combat Armour in Fallout 3, so I whipped up a quick mod rectifying that problem. Enjoy!


Simple. Copy the Data folder to your FO3 directory along with the ArchiveInvalidation.txt

Then, go to My Documents\My Games\Fallout 3\Fallout.ini, find the line that says
"bInvalidateOlderFiles" and change the 0 to 1


If you've already installed a texture replacement mod, you already have said text file
in your main folder. DO NOT OVERWRITE IT. Open my ArchiveInvalidation.txt, copy the
text and paste it at the end of your ArchiveInvalidation.txt