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Companion Share & Recruit adds a new perk you can use to make friends and influence people- letting you share equipment or persuade almost anyone in the wastes to help you adventure.

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Requires FOSE v1.2+

Companion Share & Recruit adds a perk that lets you befriend almost anyone in the wasteland, with a skill challenge. You can then swap gear with them, find out what they're skilled at, and even recruit them to join you on your adventures. Up to half your Charisma +1 people can follow you at once.

They'll follow orders, share equipment, people with Medicine tagged will heal you and other companions in combat, and if appropriately skilled they'll:
  • Open locks or blow open doors
  • Loot containers
  • Hack computers
  • Pick pockets and even plant explosives on people.

The videos section contains an example of some of the orders in use.

You can also heal companions from the brink of death as they bleed out, and teach them new professions.

CSR is also built using the same core system as RobCo Certified v2 and Wasteland Whisperer v2, so you can give group orders like Follow, Wait or Change Formation which will affect all your followers at once- Robot and Radscorpion alike.

Looking for more NPCs to recruit? Try Bajtme's SCC & CSR Recruits mod.

  • Is this compatible with Phalanx?
  • Incompatibilities occur when two mods try to change the same thing. As long as you don't do anything stupid like try to recruit Phalanx NPCs using CSR, then there's no reason they should come into conflict.

Do not rehost without permission.