Level Cap Workaround by Circuitous and Teddybearman
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Added: 06/11/2008 - 05:46AM
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Basic Information
This is a pretty simple mod. All it does is run a script whenever you enter a menu (like, say, the level-up menu).

The script checks your current level, and compares it to the game's normal maximum level (Vanilla/O:A/Pitt - 20, Broken Steel - 30).

If your current level exceeds the maximum level, the script kicks into gear, setting your level to the allowed maximum. It does this because exceeding the maximum level causes some issues with the game. Since the script kicks in as part of the level-up menu, you spend no actual time at the new level. The game never really thinks you're anything other than what the script claims you to be. Since you're not leveled too high, there's no problem.

Because all the script does is change the number of your level, it only changes level-dependent things along with it: HP and XP. All allocated skill points and selected feats remain allocated and selected, respectively. For most people this isn't a problem - who really needs 1,500 HP anyway? - and resetting XP means you can keep gaining levels without spending ages at it. But there are some of you that do need 1,500 HP, and because of that I also offer an alternative version of each plugin that "remembers" your HP and continues to level it up for you. Awesome.

In addition, the script now remembers your real level, and dishes out a special token when you level up so that you know exactly where you stand. They're quest items, of course, and can't be dropped or sold.

There are two base versions of the plugin - one for your standard Fallout 3 experience, and one for everybody who upgraded to Broken Steel. Make sure you use the right version for your game, and make sure only one plugin is enabled at a time.

Known Issues
When your level is reset to 30, the XP graph that appears when you gain XP won't update properly or will appear to freeze. You'll still gain XP normally, it's just a visual issue.

The mod may not kick in properly if you're using Broken Steel through Games For Windows LIVE. It seems to mess with the load order, causing Broken Steel's cap to kick in over this mod's. The script will still work, though, so there are two ways to make it work:
  • disable Games for Windows LIVE and run Broken Steel through the /Data/ folder, or
  • use this command - setGS iMaxCharacterLevel 31 - whenever you start the game.

It may take a little while for the Real Level item to be added to your inventory. Give it a few seconds, it'll get there eventually.

My Game is Crashing!
If your game is crashing after installing or using this mod, well, that sucks.

In order to help me figure out why it's crashing, I ask that you toss in some extra information into your comment or PM, namely:

  • Any overhaul mods you may be using, as well as any mods that affect leveling schemes or menus,
  • Which of my plugins are enabled when the crash occurs,
  • When, exactly, the crash occurs (upon leveling up, at the perk screen, in Pip-Boy, randomly, etc.),
  • and, lastly, whether or not disabling my plugin fixes the problem.

Without this info, I can't help you..

Basically, do a little leg work. You've got an advantage in this field that I don't: you know exactly what you have installed. This is true for any mod, really, and it's good practice when you have crashes with mods installed.

This mod IS compatible with FOOK2, so that's nice. Just make sure it's in the right place

The Jelly, or Mods That Go Well With This One
Because of the way these plugins work, you effectively have an unlimited level cap. This greatly increases the odds of you being stuck on the level-up screen with no way to assign skill points. To avoid this, I recommend using either the new official patch, or one or more of these mods:

If you don't want to max out your skills, use:
Less Skill Points - reduces Skill Points/level by 5.
Skill Points 1/INT - reduces Skill Points/level by 10.

If you totally wanna max out your skills, use:
Level Cap Skill Increaser Workaround - allows you to keep adding Skill Points past 100.
Wasteland Mastery - makes Skills over 100 actually mean something.
and maybe also
Skill Check (requires FOSE) - lets you actually see your ├╝ber skills.

Also, if it seems that Three-Dog has forgotten about you and no longer talks about your daring adventures, you can try this mod for a pure fix:
GNRfix - Three-Dog keeps talking about you after level 20,
GNR: More Where That Came From - Three-Dog keeps talking about you AND you get a bunch of awesome extra songs.

Thanks, Kudos, etc.
Big props to everyone at #Fallout3Modding and the Bethsoft forums for their help, especially:

- throttlekitty
- Rheikon
- Lightzy
- Citric_Acid
- qzilla for the idea to modify existing GMSTs
- trithreat for the closeallmenus tip
- teddybearman for the workaround script concept
- Verbal Earthworm for the Real Level token idea
- everyone who sent a saved game for debugging purposes
- everyone who sent PMs or e-mails with ideas, suggestions, and help.

Changelog, or The Least Interesting Section Ever
Version 1
- Sloppily hacked together a basic plugin using FOMM and the iMaxCharacterLevel game setting.

Version 1.5
- Used the GECK to create a slightly less hacky version of the original mod. It didn't work any better, but it did change the conditions on Three-Dog's radio scripts to allow levels over 20 (even though it didn't really help).

Version 2
- The birth of the plugin as we know it. Incorporated Teddybearman's script idea, which solved all of the problems of the original and also pretty much removed the level cap entirely. Awesome!

Version 2.1
- Upped the level used for the bounceback script to 30 to match Broken Steel. Yay.

Version 3
- Added the "Real Level" item. This item is added upon level-up based on the script's stored real level. So now you know where you really stand.