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Retextured and improved Enclave Officer Body Suit Fixed male character problem

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v2_1 fixed the problem with not being able to see the "sheen effect" on their male toons. There is now a meshes folder that will need to be added to your \Fallout 3\Data folder :)

v2_0 is now available. It includes a changed Colonel Autumn armor set that also uses the Enclave M.A.U.L. technology.

I made this for myself and thought I'd share my work with everyone here. This is simply a retextured Enclave Officer turned into a type of armor.
It has a shimmering effect and I also included some glow effects for the red sensors on the armor. The included .esp file increases the armor rating of the uniform and hat to go along with the non-canon fiction I made up to go along with the armor. The body armor now has almost as good armor rating as the vanilla metal armor in game.

The enclave is using their experimental M.A.U.L System (Magnetic Aluminum Under-link)

The body suit is highly resistant to ballistic and energy weapons while being lightweight and fairly maneuverable. The body suit and headgear are both linked to external sensor equipment that detects incoming threats and hardens the highly advanced and experimental transparent aluminum for the appropriate area almost instantaneously.
(Prolonged effects to the strong magnetic field created by the equipment have not yet been fully tested on Enclave personnel.)

*If you just wanted the changed textures, then dont install the included esp.

INSTALL: Simply extract the rar into a temporary directory. Then copy the esp file, texture & meshes folder into your Data folder and then check off the Enclave MAUL Armor Set.esp
Colonel Autumn's armor is slightly better then the Enclave Officer Outfit.

Comments and ratings are appreciated :)
Feel free to do what you want with this...just throw my name in there somewhere :)
I want to thank Rekicker and UlrikS from thenexusforums.com for helping me with some of my glow map problems.