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A new version from Raikouh´s Cheatterminal! Level Up easy without the Level up bug! Poweramor option (you can use the Poweramor without the quest! carry weight cheat, to carry unlimited stuff and much more!

Permissions and credits
UPDATE! English version added!
I also removed the house.

Original from Raikouh! Thx dude! (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5132)
and Thx to Tepholman for teaching Raikouh creating Terminals =).


You can find the Terminal in front of Megaton.


Character Cheats:

SAVE LEVEL UP! -> all skills to 0 and 100000XP

+10000 XP -> you get 10000 XP

Jump to Lv. 19 -> if you have reach Lv. 20 use this option to fall back to 19 and level it again to get all perks!

Jump to Lv. 29 -> like Lv. 19 but for all with DLC and Max. Level 30

All SPECIAL to 10 -> all Specials (Luck and so one) raise to 10.

Sub. Menu Skills

All skills to 50--> Speech, light weapon, sneek and all the others up to 50

All skills to 100 --> Speech, light weapon, sneek and all the others up to 100

3 Skills to 0 for level up --> if you have all skills on 100 and you get a Level Up you cant close the Level Up Window.

with that option you can set 3 skills to 0 and have no problems with the Lv Up!

Karma Cheats
I think that option need no description :-) .

Weapons / items
Plasmaweapon -> Raikouh´s UBERWEAPON
God-amor -> Raikouh´s UBERAMOR
Magnum 44 -> i love that weapon!
+50 picklock -> +50 picklocks

Can use Powerarmor
Now you can use the Powerarmor without the quest!

carry weight 1000
You carry weight rise to 1000

Main idea is get ride of the Perk / Level up problem. Feel free to change and add things if you like. Enjoy FALLOUT!! One of the best games in the world.