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Davy Crockett eat your heart out! A \'coon skin cap to keep your head warm on those cold wasteland nights.

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Free modder's resource.

Raccoon Tail Hat

It contails my custom meshes and textures.

The meshes were made in Blender and the textures in Gimp.

== File History ==
1.0 Normal Coon Cap, and Winter Version

1.1 Normal Coon Cap, and Winter Version, and Child Cap

== To Install ==

Place the Files into your Fallout 3 data directory (combine folders if they are already there).

== To Uninstall ==

Delete the Files.

The items will be on the Megaton Workbench (Most people should have it) But if you have the Tenpenny Suite
then just import the meshes and textures in the GECK and make your own plugin. You can also put this in any other mod you're working one if you want.

Known bugs: None

Conflictions: None

Please tell me and bugs and conflicts you experience and I'll try to solve the problem as soon as I can.