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V2 now has a total of 316 drapes to decorate with.

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UPDATE: V2.0 4-7-10
Added many variants with symbols of some of the factions in the game. Including Enclave, Brotherhood of Steel, Outcasts, Talon Company, and a Biohazard logo. Also adds white drapes. All drapes from V1 are included. Added a screenshots folder with a pic of each.
Package now contains a total of 316 drapes.

Currently working on the optional demo esp, but there's a lot to add now so be patient.

This package contains new texture variations for the two drapes in the game. The vanilla drapes are two styles but they use the same texture. It's about time we had some variations to choose from.

6 color variations for each style
Darker versions for all 6 colors
plus black for a total of 13 color choices

Also includes a 'full' drape for both styles. It's the same but with the holes patched and at full length. They're still torn along the edges though so they fit into the game nicely.

The 'full' drapes also have all the same color choices for a total of 52 drapes to choose from.

There's no .esp to demo them, but there's a .nif file made for each drape already so adding them to your mod is as simple as replacing any static object.

Please feel free to share some images of what you've used them for.

Thanks goes to Tarrant over at the Bethesda Forums for the idea.

Let me know if you have any problems or requests.