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Adds Cafederate partrols and Soldiers to the Swamps and Areas around Lookout.

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Howdy and Welcome.
Confederate Forces in Point Lookout

Hallo Tis I the Zombie.

Bin A while since I released a Lod so Ill start again with this small Un.
Just a Bit basic and slight Crappy Mod compared to he standards youd normally be used to.
It may only have a few Confed Troops wandering around outside the Pram + Doll Warehouse but LOADS of Idle Markers
about s they doing something atlease.

Theres beds, a Camp fire and COnfederate Issue Lever-Action Rifles and Double Barrel Shotguns.

These dudes sound like the Swampfolk so not so orinary. They were bound to be a enermy faction but forgo to change their
Friend from foe to the player. Will do next Update.


I am hoping that somebody could make a reskin of the Chinese Jumpsuit to a Confed Uniform and say put the Confederate
flag over the chinese one and also make a Confederate Flag reskin but non replacer for the USflagnew01 Static Object Flag.
Id do it meself but dont have the time nor patience or tools anymore these days.

To install... well into Data folder and what ever...

Hope You enjoy.


This is just a simple mod witch I wanted to make for personal use but thought I make it Public.

It adds Confederate Army Soldiers to Point Lookout for yall to tangle with.

They just be wielding the Lever Action Rifle and Hunting rifle but still should be a threat. They mostly will sound like Rednecks and wear the Confed Hat.

Its a simple Mod In witch maybe could grow into a Confederation Faction.

Do we have any American Weapon civil War Era Mods? I know the 20th century uns but 19th? if so point me in the right direction.

Cheers and Screw the Alamo ?