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Bullet Time for Fallout 3

Author: Dunderklumpen
Release 1.0.3

Thanks to Thyldan33, a French translation available at http://www.confrerie-des-traducteurs.fr/forum/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=1962

New in 1.0.3

- Can now choose the time factor (how slow) using the [Bullet Time Config] tool


Bullet time is the ability to slow down the world around you, allowing you more time, to aim, make decisions, and shoot. While time is slowed, you will burn Action Points. When your action points reach 0 normal time will resume. While you are in Bullet Time you can turn it off, saving those precious Actions for VATS, or another burst of Bullet Time.

BulletTime works best with the Fallout Script Extender (FOSE), but will also work without it. The differences are described below.

See the video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QJNPt-JI18
Using BulletTime (FOSE)

If you are using the FOSE version of BulletTime, you can choose a key to turn on and off BulletTime. See configuration below

Using BulletTime (non FOSE)

To Turn on Bullet Time, go to the Aid section of your inventory and use the "". You can hotkey this Aid, and this is highly recommended. To turn off Bullet Time simple use the Bullet Time Activator while Bullet Time is turned on" (or press the appropriate Hotkey again). The Bullet Time Activator is an on-off switch.

Configuring BulletTime

When you install DK_BulletTime, an item will be placed in the "Aid' section of your inventory called "[Bullet Time Config]" (it will be at the bottom of the list). When you click on "[Bullet Time Config]" (make sure you are in Pip boy mode, don't hotkey this Aid item). A Dialog will appear allowing you to configure the following:

Set Key Binding (FOSE) - when using BulletTime with the FOSE you can specify a key to turn on/off BulletTime
Set Action Point Cost - set the level at which BulletTime uses Action Points. The higher you set this, the shorter the available BulletTime will be
Set Visual FX - choose from a few Visual Effects while BulletTime is on.

Installing DK_BulletTime

Expand the archive and then copy DK_BulletTime.esp into the Data folder of your fallout Directory. Using either the Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) or the Fallout Launcher, make sure that the DK_BulletTime.esp is flagged as active.

It is highly recommened that you use the FOSE version. In this case make sure you run Fallout using the FOSE.http://fose.silverlock.org/ for details

When you run Fallout 3, as soon as you leave Vault 101, for a new game, or the first time you load an existing game (if you have left vault 101), you will receive the following items

- (non-FOSE) needed to activate BT)
[Bullet Time Config] - used to configure BulletTime
Bullet Time Tool - keep this in your inventory to use BT

Upgrading from an earlier version

Earlier version had different .esps. To upgrade to the new version simple remove the old DK_BulletTime .esp file and add the new file. When you reload the game, any old BulleTime tools should be replaced.

This is also the best approach if you want to switch between FOSE and non-FOSE versions of Fallout.


There may be circumstances where you want to uninstall/re-install Bullet Time. Here is you you do it.

1. Using the Fallout 3 Launcher or FOMM, unselect the DK_BulletTime.esp.

2. Start Fallout 3, load your game, All the items should be removed from your character. Save this game.

That's all you need to do to uninstall. If you want to reinstall it...

3. Quit Fallout 3 and re-select DK_BulletTime.esp

4. Start Fallout 3, load your game, you should see the "Bullet Time quest complete, and the BT items should be added to your inventory again.


DK_BulletTime was written against Fallout version and FOSE 0001_beta. It has been tested against Fallout version and FOSE version 1, and no problems have been currently found.

* DK_BulletTime will conflict with any mod that changes the Global Time Multiplier (GTM), it changes the GTM to slow down time, and again to resume normal time.

* the FOSE version of DK_BulletTime will conflict with any mod that changes AP restore rate (Game setting fActionPointsRestoreRate), as it turns off AP regen while BulletTime is on (setting it to 0) and turns it back on when BulletTime stops (setting it back to 4). Currently the FOSE does not allow me to store and restore the old AP Restore rate.

BulletTime Items

Below is a list of items needed by DK_BulleTime and their ids. The 'XX' of each id will need to be replaced by the order in which the mod is loaded. Remember this value is a Hexidecimal number so, if DK_BulletTime is added as the 20th mod, then XX becomes '14' which is 20 in Hex.

XX07FE14 [Bullet Time Config] (Aid Item)
XX015166 (Aid Item,
non-FOSE version only)
XX00080A Bullt Time Tool (Misc Item)

To add an item:

1. Go to the console
2. Type player.additem 1
3. leave console and look for a " added" message.



- Can now Add or Remove the aid item (FOSE version).
- Slow motion now should not continue if you load a game while BT is on.
- Inventory items have icons
- Some Internal Clean up


- Fixed bug where bind keys were not working (only mousekeys were)


- One esp file now. DK_BulletTime.esp
- Configurable AP Burn
- Configurable Visual Effets
- AP Regen stopped while BulletTime is on (FOSE version only)
- Can bind key for BulletTime on/off (FOSE version only)


- VFX for BulletTime_blackandwhite, and BulletTime_tunnelvision have been scaled down so they are less severe


- There are now three versions of BulletTime, with different VFX
- BT suspends when Menu is invoked


- CTD Fixed


Kathrin for her excellent Real Injuries Mod, and allowing me to shamelessly look at and reuse her code and techniques

Behippo for setting me straight on a few of the script commands.

Kai Hohiro for his Oblivion BulletTime Mod for providing me with inspiration that it could be done in Fallout, and confirming my belief that original ideas are rarer than dragon feathers.

Lost Cosmonaut - for giving me permission to use his Night Vision imod to adapt for the "Cool Blue" VFX.

Anything good about this mod probably came directly from the people mentioned, anything bad I claim for myself


Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) http://timeslip.chorrol.com/fomm.html
Fallout Script Extender (FOSE) http://fose.silverlock.org/
GECK http://geck.bethsoft.com


If you want to redistribute any elements of this mod, you are free to do so, but please acknowledge this mod and put a link to DK_BulletTime at http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1193