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Adds roughly 15 scavenged combat armor variants to the raider level lists. Has custom models.

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  • German
Many thanks to Wikinger9048 (Give him kudos) for the wonderful armors
ESPs by OpposingFarce and scoobyFO3

Install instructions

Unpack RCA Armor Files to your Fallout data directory
(Ex: "D:\Program Files (x86)\Bethesda Softworks\Fallout 3\Data")
Unpack the archive with the ESPs of your choice to your Fallout data directory
Activate the ESP with the loadmanager.

I suggest using Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM) to install the files.

After installing, be sure archive invalditaion is active (either use Quarn's Archive Invalidation Invalidated or the Toggle Invalidation Button in FOMM).

If you want to continue a saved game, a cell reset is preferable to avoid crashes and distribute the armors properly.

Cell Reset
  • Go into a safe interior cell (eg. your home)
  • Wait for 4 days (9 with FWE)
  • Save your game through the main menu.
  • Done!


This mod adds fifteen scavenged combat armor sets to raiders across the wasteland.

Use The Pitt plugin available in the main ESP file to add Raider Combat Armor (RCA) to raiders in The Pitt and to add The Pitt armor to the wasteland.
The Pitt plugin needs The Pitt, main file does not.
All Raider Armors can be repaired by each other and appropriate clutter.
(i.e. Baseball Glove, Leather Belt, Wonder Glue, Box of Detergent)

There are 3 versions of the plugin (ESP)

Adds an even chance for all armors to appear on all tiers regardless of your level.
All Armor is diversified in weight, rating, value and durabilty. Default armors got enchantments to stay desirable.

Distributes armors appropriate to the tiers the Raiders are in (1-3)
All Armor is diversified in weight, rating, value and durabilty. Default armors got enchantments to stay desirable.

The old version: armor is conditioned, and as you raise in level more raiders may wear the armor more frequently.
All new RCA weigh the same and have the same armor rating.

Raider HeadGear (optional)
This expands the headgear Raiders wear and doubles the chance from 20% to 40%. In addition Raiders have a 30% chance of wearing random glasses or shades. Also edits the stats and adds enchantments to previously lacking headger. (See included readme for details)

I strongly suggest using Rusty Metal Texture since it greatly improves the look of the used Metal Helmet as well as the Metal Armor.

Texture Replacer for Head Wraps will also add to the diversity. For example
Woodland Camo Texture for Head Wrap #4 or New Textures for all 4 Head Wraps

Suggestions and feedback are welcome. Have fun!