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Large player home with lots of elbow room, containers, clean water and many interactive people that eat, sleep, patrol, swim, shoot, dance, follow etc. The mansion is surrounded by lots of vegetation and offers many different places to live such as a luxurious suite, shack, cave, sewer, etc. To summarize it: This is a combination of Dukov\'s pla

Permissions and credits
- Be sure to also download any Updates available -

Special thanks to:
- Those helping me test this and reporting problems and giving suggestions (for both our use) ;)
- Those who have endorsed this mod and voted it File of the Month. It's nice to see other people like it too :)

- Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) is highly recommended for installing this mod. Alternatively, Fallout Mod Manager can be used (FOMM)
- There is currently no way to upgrade from previous beta versions to 1.0 final. I recommend that you remove all previous MyMansion files before installing the new version.
- There are no Vertibird Locations, Virtual Reality Sims, or major Theme changes yet. I simply don't have the time on top of what's already going on. If only I didn't need to eat or sleep ;)
- If you're having problems (things like "" everywhere and/or discolored heads), please read the FAQ below first before asking me ;)
- Fallout 3 v1.0 does NOT support custom .bsa archives like the ones included with this mod, you will get "" unless the bsa's are manually unpacked. Make sure you are using the 1.7 patch (newest). That is what I used when I made this mod. A ridiculous amount of bugs have been fixed since 1.0. I do NOT support Fallout versions prior to 1.7. Patch your game before you even think about asking me for help. If you don't know which version of Fallout you have, right-click the main Fallout3.exe and select: Properties ->Details ->File version.
- If you experience any problems not mentioned in the FAQ, please contact me with detailed information (the more details the better). I honestly can't help you if your response is anything like "it doesn't work" and nothing else.
- 80/160 NPC's is A LOT! If you get them all chasing/following you and your game doesn't crash, consider yourself lucky. You've been warned. ;)
- If you are running a "performance mod" like "Better Game Performance" that deletes vanilla forms and you are having problems, try playing without that mod running and see if that corrects the issue (try the 4GB patch and/or the FOSE stutter remover instead). Although that should not really be a problem anymore, it is unwise to run mods that deletes forms. Thanks to iod1997, freddy_farnsworth, PKfalloutPK for finding and confirming.

- I am currently looking into porting this mod to New Vegas - which I will do if it is allowed (currently awaiting clarification). Please DO NOT port this version and upload any of it to New Vegas Nexus at this time. I know exactly what needs to be done - don't waste your time. If it is allowed, I will port it and then you can have at it. ;)

- I will try to add some more optional plugins when I get the chance.


This mod adds a large player mansion home with lots of elbow room, containers, clean water and people willing to trade with you at any time. The mansion is located in a new worldspace that is located in the Wasteland but beyond the boundaries. Every area added by the mod is "livable", meaning that the containers never reset. The Suite offers the most luxurious accommodations, but you can also live anywhere else on the grounds - like near a pond, or in a shack, or underground in a sewer, or in a cave, etc. The Mansion Suite and the Shack are the primary locations, both with nearly all of the same features.

The mod is now more lore friendly by default. Nearly everything added by this mod is in the game already. It's just grouped together rather than spread apart. Take "Dukov's Place" which has people walking around in sleepwear, now take "Tenpenny Tower" that is very luxurious and full of rich people people and finally take "Oasis" which is filled with grass, foliage, trees and combine them together. Say some people from each of these places left and grouped together into new place. Create a mental image of what that place would look like considering their resources. Now, compare that image to this mod. ;)

PS: The Mansion world was supposed to be near Oasis, but I had my North and South mixed up early on and didn't realize it until much later when I finally connected it to the Wasteland. Fill in any blanks as you see fit - like a book. :P

To summarize it into a single sentence: This is what you would get if you combined Dukov's place with Oasis on Tenpenny's budget.

This is my first mod for the GameBryo engine. Because of that, I am kind of trying to "push the envelope" a bit to find the boundaries and limitations - which should help explain the size and scope of this mod. That info helps me "plan things out" a bit more beforehand the next time I mod for that engine.

Important Terminals:
* NPC/ Lore Friendly Control: Located in the NE corner room of the Basement, this terminal controls many aspects of the NPC's behavior and has the Lore Friendly switch.
* Resident Inventory: Located throughout the area and allow you to access any NPC from each terminal. You can also perform actions like "Remove All" on all the NPC's at once.
* Exterior Mansion/Shack: These are attached to the exterior of the building and allow you to change the lighting and mood of the interiors. The mansion has exterior light controls and a optional Vertibird pad.
* Item Sorter: Located throughout the area, these provide a way to quickly remove items from your inventory and place them into specific container of your choosing (Req. FOSE).

I highly recommend a "Sprint" mod and/or a "Run Faster" mod like "Run Faster: RunFaster125percent" if you feel like it takes too long to get around the place. They make a world of difference.
Sprint Mod: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/1854
Run Faster: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/7618

If you're looking for performance, you can try these mods which were mentioned above (Don't use mods that delete vanilla forms: See Notes):
Large Address Aware Enabler (4GB Patch): http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/6510
Fallout Stutter Remover: http://fallout3.nexusmods.com/mods/8886

This mod adds a new radio station doesn't require any optional plugins, but it has a bit of a lengthy readme and quite a few example files. It can also conflict with other "Radio3" (3rd station on My Mansion radios) plugins. For that reason, I have bundled all that stuff into a separate optional "Radio3" file.
In short, you just have to put 30, 60 or 90 tracks in "../Fallout 3/Data/Sound/Songs/Radio/MyMansionRadioStation/" and then enable the radio station via the terminal in the Suite or Shack and select the number of tracks you are using (PipBoy uses MP3 and world radios use MONO WAV, so 2 files per track in order to get them to work on both).


* New small worldspace with lots of plant-life.
* 80/160 female/male NPC's that eat, sleep, patrol, swim, shoot, dance, follow, etc.
* You can access the NPC's inventory to add/remove items at any time through dialogue or by activating them while sneaking (pickpocket disabled).
* Ammo press like the one from The Pitt (all vanilla objects - does not require The Pitt DLC).
* Vanilla followers will wait at MyMansion indefinitely like Megaton or Tenpenny (without a separate plugin).
* PA radio system that plays GNR/Enclave radio (and optional user specified radio though plugin) throughout the mansion.
* NPC dialogue changes based on how you treat them. If you kill/are mean to them, they will be mean to you (can be reset by complimenting them a random amount of times).
* Indoor NPC's can dance to music playing on the PA system (if they are set to dance to music [terminal in the basement] and a station is selected on the PA system).
* Selectable stations on the radios in My Mansion (doesn't affect vanilla radios)
* Ability to change indoor images spaces (themes in the works) via a terminal on the exterior of the mansion/shack
* Robot butlers that have the same abilities as the vanilla butlers (tell jokes, clean bottled water, barber/race, etc).
* Player only containers (ownership, no ai acquire and a script ensures it - Mansion cells don't "reset").
* Advanced item sorter (Minimum Container does not work with items that have health like Armor and Weapons) (Req. FOSE).
* All beds will give you the well rested perk like Megaton/Tenpenny.
* A few dogs, brahmin and fish.
* In-ground pool and jacuzzi.
* Short but challenging acquire quest.
* Some growable food items like Cave Fungus, Carrots, Fruit etc.
* Some trees in the worldspace will drop fruit from time to time.
* Optional Vertibird Landing Pad attached to the upper walkway that can be toggled in the exterior terminals.
* Custom radio station.
* Custom vendor.
* More...

Lore Friendly On (Default):
* Limit on the Infirmaries and Laboratories, they must be purchased from the Vertibird Vendor.
* Single NPC (Tracy/Tyler in the armory) fixes equipment for a fee at the NPC's repair skill level.
* Robot butlers can only change the players hair.
* Mansion clothing has 2 perks.
* Not able to set My Mansion NPC's and/or vanilla followers/caravans to essential or respawn them.
* Limit on the amount of bottled water that can be purified per day.
* NPC Inventory terminals will not offer to add bulk items (because of 100% health).

Lore Friendly Off:
* All Infirmaries and Laboratories enabled with no need to buy them.
* Single NPC (Tracy/Tyler in the armory) fixes equipment for free (caps will be returned to you) at the players repair skill level.
* Robot butlers can change the players hair, gender, and race (changing gender and/or race can cause problems with some quests).
* Mansion clothing has 3 perks.
* Able to set My Mansion NPC's and/or vanilla followers/caravans to essential and respawn them if they are dead in the Basement terminal.
* No limit for purifying bottled water.
* NPC Inventory terminals will offer to add bulk items at 100% health (Req. FOSE).

Features that Require FOSE:
* Item Sorters (Non-FOSE sorter has been dropped).
* NPC Dynamic Clothing (undressing before swimming and sleeping) which is togglable (Default: On)
* Exit dancing with NPC's by pressing w,s,a,d,mb1,mb2,space keys (no FOSE waits until timer runs out)
* Resident Inventory terminals Bulk Add feature (bulk remove works either way)


See the included README file for more information and trouble shooting problems like big red exclamation marks everywhere.

See "Changes" or the included README for a full list of changes.

See "Images" for the location on the map.

Make sure you're using the latest Fallout 3 patch (v1.7).


Special thanks to everyone that reported any problems, provided suggestions, endorsed this mod and/or voted it FOMM.

And to the Nexus site.

Thanks :)