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vanilla armored vault suit retextured

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This pack contains textures for the armored vault suit of the vanilla version of Fallout 3 matching my textures for the standard vault suit availible here: Vault Suit retextured

As my goal was to catch the original atmosphere of the game, custom numbers or colors are not included!

I darkened and sharpened the vanilla textures, also added some grunge, as to me it's far more realistic for a suit hanging somewhere in the wasteland for a rather long time to look more dirty and run down. On the back above the number I added some writing saying "Vault-Tec", matching the color of the numbers.
I did not change the size of the textures, so it's still 1024x1024.

If there is interest in custom numbers/colors, pm me as I still have layered .psd files.

Comments and/or critics are welcome.