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Makes you characters life harder.. Combine with A.C.E on Pain incarnate, as well as Triage on \"Very Hard\" to make the game more.... interesting, hehehe

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Readme for Combat Rebalanced.

For some strange reason, it seems you downloaded this mod…

What this does is heavily change the damage/crits for weapons, both vanilla and the optional 20th century weapon plugin go great with Triage, and A.C.E for the ultimate experience that will make your life in the game MUCH harder.

As the veteran difficulty in Call of Duty says. “You will not survive” Which is a good description of this mod.

Also note that this mod REMOVES all effects from armor, I.E Power armor now has no statistical penalties / advantages.
Instillation notes:

Installation methods:

Unzip file to a temporary location, bring up FOMM, go into package manager, click on “Create from folder” then find the unzipped folder, after that loads just check the box and FOMM will install it for you.

Make sure that if you are using the 20th century plugin, make sure it loads BEFORE the vanilla one or the vanilla weapons will not be modified, please also note that this mod is probably incompatible with any other mod which changes weapons damage.

Also note that if the Vanilla plugin NEEDS to be loaded last in your load order, or it will not work, use FOMM to achieve this also.

No method....
Fine if you REALLY dislike i suppose i can tell you.

Un-check box in FOMM and then right click and select DELETE.

What you need for this mod to work:
Fallout 3
This mod

Thanks to
Bethesda Softworks; For making Fallout3 and making the GECK.

Timeslip: For making FOMM, one of the best programs ever.

Everyone who contributed to making 20th century weapons, one of the best weapon packs ever.

I will change any weapon packs into this format (making life harder for the player) when requested.