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Small player home, once belonging to Super Duper Mart raiders. Has a key which must be stolen from the back of the Super Duper Mart.

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***** VERSION 1.2 JUST ADDED *****
To install the newest version, download the new file and then load it with FOMM rather the old version 1.0.


This is my very first mod!

1) What is it?

This mod adds a house to the NE of the Super Duper Mart. It is owned by a Raider named Charlie, but ownership is transferred to the player after finding the key in one of the back rooms in the Super Duper Mart. There is some background story to be discovered in several places. My plan is to eventually expand the story into a large mod, maybe leading to a new raider city with loads of background story. As my GECK skill progress, so will this mod!

2) What is inside the house?

The house contains a nuka refrigerator, queen size bed, clean water supply, locked safe, and an Alien Blaster with ammo.

3) How do you install?

To install this mod WITH Fallout Mod Manager, simply download the file and add it to your list of mods.

To install this mod WITHOUT Fallout Mod Manager, download the file and place it in your "data" directory, then tell it to load with Fallout 3.

Please feel free to give suggestions or criticism in the comments section. Bear with me, as this is my first mod and I've just learned to use G.E.C.K.

***** CHANGELOG *****

Version 1.2

- Added some backstory. The shack belongs to a Raider named Charlie. You learn a little bit about Charlie from the terminal in his house, the terminal in the Super Duper Mart, and from eventually following clues leading to him.
- Added a My First Infirmary to the house.
- Added a custom BB gun to the shack.
- Added a Medical Supply wall safe.
- Added a Map Marker for the safehouse.

Version 1.0

- Player house created