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The \"most ridiculously over-the-top\" needs mod for Fallout 3. Supports FWE, RiPnO, MMM, BLTC, FOOK2 and See You - Time for Bed

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Imp's More Complex Needs

by Imp of the Perverse


Update News

*** IMCN 1.5.1 Released 8/30/10 ***

* Updates MMM and FWE patches to RC6 and 6.0
* Fixes broken doctor and infirmary healing

*** IMCN 1.5 Released 8/23/10 ***

* Rebalances penalties and bonuses
* Includes Ambient Temperature compatibility - temperature will effect rate of dehydration
* Restructured for upcoming Powered Power Armor patch (inventory weight factors in to calorie and water consumption calculations)
* Power Armor will drastically reduce dehydration rates (via waste recycling)
* Hematophage quickfix has been incorporated
* Grill can now be converted to a static to prevent it from getting lost when put on display
* Cannibal perk will now improve ghoul flesh nutrients (MMM patch)
* A hydration burn rate bug has been fixed (the run multiplier was applied twice)


Big thanks to Mazakala for use of his Portable Campfires mod (which is still compatible with IMCN.)


IMPORTANT: If you are updating to 1.5, remember to uninstall via the IMCN config menu before copying in the new files. The penalties and bonuses have been rebalanced, so you must dispel all of them by uninstalling or face permanent stat changes.



This is a hunger/thirst/sleep simulator that independently tracks blood alcohol content, hydration, calories, protein, nutrients, and the degree of fullness. Hunger/Thirst, Sleep, and Blood Alcohol tracking can be individually disabled, paused, and reset via a menu item in the aid section of your pipboy. Your character will gain or lose weight depending on diet and the amount of activity, through both body fat and skeletal muscle.


QUICK HINTS: Some people get scared off of this mod by the initial complexity and the long readme, so here are some quick pointers:

* There are more things to keep track of in this mod, but its meant to be intuitive by mimicking real world food. If your protein is low, eat meat. If your calories are low, eat noodles or drink something sugary. If your nutrients are low, eat something healthy, like fruit, or a food that you have the associated perk for. Entemologist and insect meat, Punga Power and punga fruit, Party Boy/Girl and wine. You can mouse over foods in your pipboy to check their nutrition statistics.

* When you eat a meal, try to get all of your levels up to about 200%, this will prevent you from having to eat too often, and will likely earn you some bonuses.

* Wearing power armor will reduce your calorie and fluid consumption.

* Be careful how much alcohol you drink. A beer will give you a buzz, but a fifth of scotch might kill you. Eating bloatfly meat will sober you up (by making you violently ill).

* Grill meat using the portable campfire or charcoal and the semi-portable grill (available from several wasteland vendors) to avoid food poisoning. You want to avoid food poisoning.

* Having caps and empty Nuka-Cola bottles in your inventory when activating a water source will place bottled water in your inventory. Drinking bottled water (or cola) will return caps and Nuka-Cola bottles to your inventory.

* Try to sleep 8 hours a day, at night unless you have the Night Person perk, to avoid penalties.

* Once you've gotten the basic hang of it, check out more of the readme. There are plenty of details, giving this mod a bit more replayability.


Hunger/Thirst Tracking

Rather than having to simply stay full as with most HTS mods, protein, hydration, calories, and "nutrients" (a generic catch-all term for the slew of vitamins and minerals that occupy the better part of most nutrition labels) are delivered in different quantities by different foods, and the objective is to keep all levels above adequate (0% in this case) without getting too full. Bonuses are applied if nutrition reserves are high enough (and penalties, in some cases, if they are too high).

Your nutrition reserves can be checked by opening the Inventory/Aid section of your pipboy, and left clicking the +Nutrition Reserves+ item near the top of the list, or, if you have FOSE and the FOSE Hotkeys .esp is installed, by pressing a configurable shortcut key (h by default). Reserves of the four nutrition values mentioned above are displayed as percents, with negative values being inadequate and incurring penalties. Generally speaking, if all four levels are above 100% after a meal, you would be good to go for the next 6 or 8 hours, at rest.

Engaging in combat and running will probably make you need a snack and some water after a couple hours, and larger meals all around (closer to 250%). There has been a considerable amount of argument about this, but I assure you, the average Lone Wanderer is extremely active, spending nearly every waking hour traversing the wastes at a light run with a heavy pack. Their calorie intake in real life would be more on par with that of a professional cyclist than an average person. Wearing power armor will significantly reduce this effect, but if you still find the demands too high, the running calorie and hydration burn rate multipliers can be adjusted.

Bonuses are applied whenever high protein and nutrient levels are maintained, and can be checked in the Stats/Eff tab of your pipboy. A list of eating related penalties and bonuses is provided below.


Uncomfortably Gorged > 100%penalties applied for excessive food consumption
Totally Full > 110%penalties applied, and prevents further consumption of foods

Eating during the time it takes to finish a meal (up to a minute), you will be distracted, leading to minor penalties


Food Coma > 325%maintaining excessive calories incurs penalties
(Adequate)> 0%
Peckish < 0%light penalties, bonus to perception
Hungry > -50%moderate penalties
Starving < -87%heavy penalties
Critical Starvation < -2350%severe penalties, potentially fatal (-360% needed to dispel)


Water Intoxication > 633%Excessive hydration depletes electrolytes, swelling the brain; potentially fatal, strong penalties
(Adequate)> 0%
Thirsty < 0%minor penalties
Chronically Dehydrated < -33%moderate penalties
Critical Dehydration < -1900%Severe penalties, potentially fatal (-1000% required to dispel)


Carnivore > 125%Major bonuses to strength and agility (~160 g/day)
High Protein Diet > 50%moderate bonuses to strength and agility (~130 g/day)
(Adequate)> 0%
Girlyman < 0%moderate penalties (< ~40 g/day)
Protein Starved < -100%Heavy penalties


Overnutrition> 600%Acute iron poisoning. Harmful and potentially fatal.
Paragon of Health > 247%all stats +3
Well Nourished > 100%moderate bonuses
(Adequate)> 0%
Malnourished < 0%light penalties
Chronically Malnourished < -77%heavy penalties

Nutrition statistics are displayed in the Aid section of the pipboy (place the cursor over the food item). If you ingest a number of items, then click +Nutrition Reserves+ before exiting your pipboy (or press the hotkey, which works inside and outside of the pipboy), the degree to which the ingested foods will increase your nutrition reserves is shown in parenthesis. Most of the numbers were pulled from real life data, so it should be fairly intuitive. If you're protein deficient, eat meat. If you're nutrient deficient, eat mutfruit, carrots, or an apple.

After exiting the pipboy, you will begin eating the foods you selected. It will take a few seconds (up to a minute with a timescale of 1, but very quick at the default 30) to finish your meal, during which time you'll suffer an "eating penalty" with a small hit to damage resistance, perception and agility. If your "full" level hits 110% before you're finished, the remaining nutrients will not enter your system. Neither will any additional foods eaten, until your "full" level falls below 100%. At 100% and 110%, you get hit with the "Uncomfortably Gorged" and "Totally Full" penalties, respectively.

The player can die from Water Intoxication, dehydration, starvation, overnutrition, or alcohol poisoning. There is a long delay between being notified of this and actually dieing (five to thirty minutes) and if the level falls or rises away from dangerous levels, death is avoided. If you don't think that's going to happen in time, visit a doctor, or heal with the home infirmary.


Sleep Tracking

Your sleep dept accumulates at the rate of 1 hour for every 2 hours that you are awake. Sleeping 1 hour clears 1 hour from the sleep debt, though you must sleep a minimum of 2 hours to have an effect. This amounts to 8 hours of sleep required per day, although sleeping less may not immediately incur a penalty. It instead adds to the cumulative sleep debt, and must eventually be made up for. Sleeping more than 10 hours consecutively will result in a "groggy" penalty that lasts for 2 hours after waking, so it is best to sleep 8 hours per day, or in shorter catnaps. You are also encouraged to follow your circadian rhythm and sleep at night (12am through 5 am), as you will suffer a minor penalty if you are awake during these hours. Bedtime is shifted to 8am if you have the Night Person perk, and having both the Night Person and Solar Powered perks eliminates it entirely.
Sleep related penalties are as follows:

Past your Bedtime12:30am-6am (6am-11:30am night person)
Minor penalties for being awake when you would normally be asleep

Groggy10 hours consecutivemild penalties for oversleeping

Tired> 9.5 hoursmild penalties for being tired
Exhausted> 12 hoursmoderate penalties
Delirious> 20 hoursDreamlike visual effect, heavy penalties

Sleep healing and the Well Rested effect are unaffected by this mod at the moment.


Blood Alcohol Tracking

Alcohol is also handled very differently. Drinking a Beer will raise your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) roughly the same amount that a 12oz Budweiser would in real life, and diminish at a realistic rate. Scotch and Vodka are assumed to be fifths, Whisky pints, and wine, one full bottle. Not surprisingly, pounding a fifth in less than a minute is not very good for you, so instead, you will drink half, and a new item, "Scotch (Half Full)" will be placed in your inventory for later. At low levels (buzzed), the effect and duration is roughly equivalent to the standard Fallout alcohol effect. At higher levels it gets more interesting. The five states of drunkenness are as follows:

Dead Sober 2 days at 0.00%remaining completely sober gives bonuses to perception, intelligence, small guns, and energy weapons
Hangovertakes 1/2 day at 0.00% BAC to recover. Sleeping 3 hours sober will dispel it, as will drinking more, though only temporarily
(Sober)< 0.01%
Buzzed > 0.01%slight hit to intelligence and perception, increased charisma
Drunken Master > 0.09%reduced intelligence, but bonuses to damage resistance and unarmed combat
Drunk > 0.13%larger stat reductions, plus impaired agility, but increased charisma
Hammered > 0.25%reduced intelligence, perception, and agility, but added damage with sledgehammers and super sledges
Blackout Drunk > 0.42%Severely impaired vision, heavy penalties to most stats, potentially fatal

You will be hungover the next time you sober up if you were drunk, hammered, or survived a blackout. You will recover after 1/2 a day if you stay sober, or 3 hours of sleep while sober. Drinking will temporarily dispel the effects, but will also start the recovery process over again once you sober up.

Booze and beverages have nutritional value (hard alcohol has a surprising number of calories). Liquor lowers your nutrient reserve, wine raises it, and beer is neutral. The Party Boy/Girl perk reverses this, and prevents the most extreme level of intoxication, so you can run around the wasteland as a spiked-knuckle wearing Drunken Master living on nothing but Vodka and Yao Gwai meat.


SPECIAL Height and Weight with Weight Gain

By default, your character's height will be calculated based on SPECIAL stats, and scale will be adjusted accordingly. A weight is also calculated based on height and SPECIAL that is used internally to scale nutrition requirements (heavier characters will need to eat more, etc.)

The character will also gain or lose weight depending on calorie and protein levels, and the degree of physical activity.

Having a calorie level more than 250% above adequate will lead to increasing body fat. Body fat will decrease if your calorie level is less than 20% above adequate. High body fat reduces Agility and Action Points, while low body fat increase them. Standing still, waiting, or sleeping will prevent fat burning.

Having an adequate calorie level, "High" protein level, and a burden of at least 75% of your maximum carryweight, or having a large, heavy weapon drawn, will cause you to build muscle. Having a calorie level below adequate will cause you to lose muscle. You will develop muscle more quickly with higher protein levels. Also, wearing power armor will prevent muscle building.

The muscle and body fat related levels are listed below:

ObeseReduced Agility and Action Points, improved damage resistance
Overweightmoderately Reduced Agility and Action Points, improved damage resistance
AthleticIncreased Agility and Action Points
AnorexicReduced Strength, Intelligence, Agility, and Endurance

FeebleReduced carry weight, reduced strength, reduced agility
LitheReduced carry weight but increased AP
Muscularbonuses to melee damage, unarmed damage, and carry weight
Built Like a Tanklarge bonuses to melee and unarmed damage, bonus to strenght and carry weight, but a reduction of Action Points

The levels required to receive these penalties and bonuses will vary depending on height and sex, but most male characters will start off "average", while most female characters will start out with a "Lithe" body type.

Health Regeneration

Your character will regenerate health at between 1% and 15% per game minute (faster timescales will cause an apparently faster regeneration rate). All reserve levels must be at least adequate (greather than 0%), and the regeneration rate will improve with protein and nutrient bonuses, as well as the LifeGiver, Cyborg, Fast Metabolism, and Rad Regeneration perks.

Health regeneration is now configurable. IMCNRegenBase and IMCNRegenMult, two global variables, now control the base rate of health regeneration (in percent of maximum health per game minute) and the overall rate of health regeneration. See the in-game Health Regen Config Menu for details.


The following perks have new effects:

Hematophage Improved blood pack nutrient value
CannibalImproved human flesh nutrient value
EntemologistImproved insect meat nutrient value
Punga PowerRefined and Wild punga provide more nutrients
Chem ResistantChems no longer decrease nutrient levels
Fast Metabolism"Fullness" diminishes 50% faster, allowing you to eat more if necessary
Lead Belly1/2 radiation from water sources and bottled water (actually works), prevents food poisoning
Night Persondaily circadian downtime shifted from the default of 12:30am through 6am, to the hours of 9am through 2pm (see sleep section).
Solar PoweredWith both Night Person and Solar Powered perks selected, you will suffer no daily downtime
Nuclear Anomaly Eating Mississippi Quantum Pie will trigger a nuclear anomaly
Party Boy/Girl All alcohols increase nutrient levels to some extent rather than the opposite, and player will never progress beyond "Hammered" to "Blackout".

Other features:

The food sanitizer reduces food radiation levels to 1/2 or 1/3 their original values, and reduces the risk of food poisoning from raw meat.

Some food prices have been increased significantly (high nutrient foods are more expensive).

Loot counts for larger animals have been increased (you get more than one steak from a Brahmin, Yao Gwai, etc.)

Bloatfly meat has the unique property of being so revolting that it will make you vomit if you try to eat it while intoxicated. This will nullify any other foods that you are currently eating, and lower your BAC by a third (handy if you're trying to sober up for a fight, or not die from alcohol poisoning.) It will not, however, cause normal food poisoning if eaten raw, and cannot be grilled.

Visiting a doctor or using the heal function of your home infirmary will cure fatal conditions (critical starvation, critical dehydration, overnutrition, water intoxication, alcohol poisoning), and return the respective values to adequate levels.

Fatal effects can also be disabled through the config menu.


Automatically disables FWE or RiPnO's RI Primary Needs whenever IMCN H/T or Sleep tracking is enabled.

Initializes HTSA tracking at the start of the Vault 101 Escape! quest, or after waking up in your alternate start location if you use FWE alternate start. Using a different alternate start mod or skipping initial quests via console may prevent IMCN from ever initializing. If that happens, download the optional IMCN - Force Initialization.esp and add it to the end of your load order.

Upon entering a simulation (Tranquility Lane or Operation Anchorage), needs tracking will be paused - you will remain in whatever state you were in when you entered the sim, but will not improve or worsen. This can be used to your advantage, if you enter the sim in top physical condition, or with just the right blood alcohol content. Tracking will resume once you exit.

IMCN - FOSE Hotkeys.esp :The Nutrient Reserves menu and IMCN Configuration menu can both be reached by hotkeys if FOSE and this .esp are installed. The hotkeys are configurable, but by default H will bring up the Nutrient Reserves menu, and J will bring up the Config menu. They can both be reached both inside and outside of the pipboy via hotkey.

IMCN Grill: Raw meat will now give you food poisoning (about 10% of the time, I think, but you don't want to risk it). You'll need to cook meat before eating it. Either purchase a Semi-Portable Grill and charcoal from any general store type vendor (Moira Brown, Crazy Wolfgang, Seagrave Holmes, The Family Karl, etc.), position the grill upright, and choose to grill meat (as long as you have raw meat and charcoal in your inventory). Or look in the Misc. section of your inventory, and drop the IMCN Campfire Marker onto the ground. Activating it will create a campfire at that location and return the marker to your inventory (Thanks to Mazakala for use of the Portable Campfires mod). The grill will cook all of the meat in your inventory at once, while the campfire will cook one piece at a time. Either way takes 10 game minutes (using the wait menu will not speed things up, but its not that long once adjusted for timescale). Oh, and if you've got the Lead Belly perk, you're immune to food poisoning.

NEW - More accurate calorie burning while running. Your character has probably spent the entire game with Autorun turned on, meaning they jog 20 hours a day. Your calorie consumption will now reflect that (get ready to eat more junkfood). To alleviate this, either walk (yeah right) or wear power armor, which does the work for you. All vanilla, DLC, FWE, and FOOK2 1.0 power armors are supported. Support will be added for FOOK2 1.1 power armors once its out of beta.





If it's a new install, place ICMN.esm, Imp's More Complex Needs.esp, any applicable compatibility .esps, and the IMCN - FOSE Hotkeys.esp (highly recommended, but requires FOSE) in your Fallout3/Data directory. Add the files to your load order, with IMCN.esm placed with the rest of your .esm files (otherwise order is unimportant), and the .esps last in your load list (yeah, lots of mods say that. Just make sure they are loaded after any mods that alter ingestibles, and definitely after any of the mods with compatibility patches listed below).

IF YOU ARE UPDATING from 1.2 or 1.2.1: Delete the old files, paste in the new files, and correct your load order. You must then uninstall IMCN via config menu once you've loaded a save, and then reactivate by clicking on the +IMCN Config+ item in your Aid inventory (you could also uninstall before updating, and reactivate after, but this would need to be done for each save that IMCN was a part of.)

If you are updating from 1.3 or 1.3.1: Delete all old files, then copy in the new ones. There is no need to go through the uninstall/reinstall process (unless you forgot to do it when installing version 1.3).

If you are using Orfev's Real Injuries/Primary Needs Patch (RiPnO), or FWE, RI Primary Needs will be disabled automatically, if it wasn't already.

If you use an alternate start mod other than FWE, or skipped the early Vault 101 quests via console, IMCN may not initialize properly. If tracking won't start, download the IMCN - Forced Initialization.esp, and add it to the end of your load list. It will force initialization as soon as a save is loaded, or a new game is started.

Oh and don't forget the meshes and textures folders, they contain the models for the charcoal, Weber, and campfires. I'm guessing you've done that before - paste the folders into your data directory, merging with the existing ones, and handle Archive Invalidation somehow (I suggest FOMM).

Load order:

see readme



In each save where you were using IMCN, and you would like to uninstall it, load the save, bring up the aid tab in your pipboy, and select +IMCN Config+. Select "More", and on the second config page, select the Reset and Disable All for Uninstall option, and click confirm. Save and exit. Once it has been uninstalled from all of your saves, uncheck the .esps and .esm, and delete them from your Data drive.

Note: You still have the option to reactivate IMCN before removing the mod from your load list. This can be done from the same IMCN Config menu.


Known Issues

Nutrition Reserves and Config menus will pop up while typing in the console if the hotkeys are pressed. It doesn't interfere with typing, though exiting the menu will dump the player back into the game (it's practically a feature...)

SPECiAL Height and Weight uses the setscale command to make the PC taller in-game. This throws off the path the camera takes during the metro ride from DC to Adams AFB in Broken Steel. It doesn't effect stability or gameplay, but looks quite wrong. This will be fixed with a BS patch shortly.



fixed ranks 2 and 3 of the hematophage perk
fixed dispelling of the food poisoning effect


fixed readme typo regarding HUD installation
fixed hud positioning script to prevent HUD from reverting to its original position on load
fixed death claw and wanamingo death items in MMM CP

major overhaul of the hematophage perk
*** without perk, blood packs offer +50% speed boost
*** Family Ties quest gives level 1
*** with perk, they offer +100% speed boost, +20 health
*** or, ingest them for sustenance and an intelligence boost
*** at level 2, all humanoids can be harvested for blood
*** at level 3, all creatures can be harvested for blood
*** different bloods have different effects
hotkey and HUD optional files rolled into main file (still compatible with non-FOSE)
HUD is now repositionable
HUD no longer requires DUI
fixed bottle and cap add script
fixed MMM Radscoprion meat's entemologist effects
fixed radscoprion and softshelled mirelurk meat radiation
added "Interface" config menu
*** messages can now be disabled
*** hud can be enabled/disabled via menu
*** hotkey mapping has been moved to this menu
chem nutrition penalties were reduced

added HUD support
fixed Advanced Config menu (button numbering was off)
added timescale adjustment to the Advanced Config menu
added new default timescale (5)
tweaked the delirious visual effect
tweaked the dead sober visual effect
fixed reset of dead sober perk on exiting a SIM
lowered minimum calorie and hydration running burn rate multipliers from 2 to 1.25 (roughly equal to the original multipliers, so there should be no complaints :))
fixed Pause/Reset/Uninstall menu mixup on reinstall
lowered needs tracker quest delay from 3 to 1.5 (reserve levels now update more frequently)
shortened regen menu message (info moved to Pipboy note)

Fixed MMM patch with respect to grill and campfire
Fixed campfire menu "Extinguish" option
Fixed campfire marker adder script to work with new games
fixed drunken master effect condition bounds (for real this time)
made sure, again, that Dead Sober perk disables with other bonuses
cleared extraneous esm flags
lowered default run calorie burn rate
made calorie and hydration run burn multipliers adjustable

Added adjustable health regeneration rate "base" and "mult" values
Reduced fat and muscle build/burn rates
Slightly increased base calorie burn rate to prevent "sticking" at certain levels
Reduced muscle or fat to calorie conversion efficiencies
Adjusted hydration and calorie run/combat burn rate multipliers
___ combat rates now compound run rates
___ run rates are considerably higher, combat lower
Dead Sober bonus now disables when other bonuses are disabled
added reduction of calorie and hydration burn rates when power armor is equipped
moved overburden check from combatmult to runmult (you now burn lots of calories when lugging too much stuff)
created merged BLTC/RiPnO compatibility file
created merged DLC compatibility file
merged grill files into main files (Thanks Arwen for pointing out FO3Plugin)
hunted down vanilla ingestible bug (sugar bombs)
fixed campfire light (increased radius)
added (ismoving) conditional to fat burn (can't burn fat while standing still)
removed fat burn from sleep/wait loop (sorry El'Derina, no pain no gain)
Removed run multiplier conditionals to alternate "RunTracker" quest script
___ new script keeps track of how much time between executions of the needstracker loop is spent running versus not running, and is used to adjust calorie and water burn rates
Raised fat building calorie level from 220% to 250%
Lowered food coma calorie level from 400% to 325%
Raised overnutrition nutrient level from 400% to 600%

Fixed starvation problem associated with sudden time changes (2 weeks of unconsciousness in Broken Steel, or traveling to Point Lookout, etc.)
___ This was done via a change to the .esm, so there's no need to update any DLC patches, and it should also support travel mods like GTS

Switched menu systems from menu tokens to quest scripts
incorporated SHW and health regen into the main file, with disable options
Added variable bodyfat percentage
Added variable skeletal muscle mass
Reincorporated visual effects into main file, with disable option
Fixed Fose hotkey submenu problem
Added more calorie and protein ingestible quantities
added reserve level dependent consumption percentages
added additional level bonus restrictions
___ all levels must be at least adequate for well nourished or paragon bonuses
___ all levels must be adequate, and at least well nourished bonus is required for protein bonuses
added dispel of effects if individual tracking is disabled
cleaned up rate dependent protein and nutrient burn rates
altered Dead Sober visual effect to look better indoors
made penalty/bonus monitoring script a quest script with a longer delay (no longer executes every frame)
altered quest script delays for needs tracking and SHW
updated Pipboy notes
re-proofed ingestible files, fixing wanamingo meat, Punga nutrients, and Zeta foods
reduced Broken Steel waters hydration amounts to match vanilla waters
added bottling of Aqua Pura
fixed bottle and cap adding code
added "exit to Pipboy" option to Reserve Check menu if FOSE hotkeys are active
fixed BLTC's patch's addiction cure via doctor

R1.2 Ingestibles Patch:
Made Mississippi Quantum Pie less fatal with Nuclear Anomaly perk
Added Wanamingo meat to MMM patch, fixed meats stats to match other meats
Dandy Boy Apples no longer have more protein than squirrels
Changed Junk Food to Potato Crisps (Mr. T Cereals w/ FOOK2 patch)
Added RI Primary Needs auto-disable to the RiPnO compatibility patch
Fixed doctor quest healing script in RiPnO, FWE, and BLTC compatibility patches

Scrapped R1.1s and R1.1b ingestible files
More carefully merged compatibility and ingestible files, then thoroughly tested and inspected them
Added optional SPECIAL Height and Weight module - sets player height and weight (influences scale and nutrition requirements) base on permanent SPECIAL
Created IMCN - BLTC and RiPnO Compatibility.esp to preserve BLTC's Stimpack changes (usage monitor, etc.)
Rebalanced FOOK2's brahmin milk and shakes (cheaper milk, but more expensive, higher protein and nutrient shakes)
Made raw and grilled meat portions smaller and cheaper
Added automatic RI Primary Needs disabling to FWE patch - no need to disable manually if IMCN and FWE are installed
Fixed FWE alternate start - player will no longer be starving upon wakeup
Renamed FOOK2's Super Stimpacks to Experimental Super Stimpacks to avoid confusion with RI's Super Stimpacks (this follow's RiPnO's convention, but based on function my opinion is that it should be the other way around, but why confuse things)
Changed uninstall/reset button text and confirmation menu to be more self explanatory
Implemented hangovers (finally)
Swapped Drunk and Drunken Master levels (B, D, DM, H, BOD) -> (B, DM, D, H, BOD)
Updated IMCN Pipboy note for hangover and the Drunk/DM switch
Fixed chem resistant perk conditional and player ID check conditional for some chems


Fixed fill burndown rate problem
Fixed BLTC, FWE, RiPnO patches wrt doctors/home infirmary (updated patch files)
Separated Visual Effects (modular)
Separated Alcohol, Chems (modular)
Removed superfluous Fill effects from ingestibles
Added LeadBelly Support to bottled water and water sources
Added Nutrition info to Pipboy aid section
Added "You have finished eating" message
Lowered "Bloated" level to 2.75 from 3.2, decreased Fullness burn rate from .75 to .55
Fixed duplicate empty bottle problem
created RiPnO/BLTC compatibility patch
Increased burnrates for overburden (Calories and Hydration)
Added Dead Sober visual effect (and hangover placekeeper)
Re-edited all visual effects
Improved and updated IMCN Pipboy note


Added sleep tracking
General debugs and balancing
Reworked sim handling


Recommended/Supported Mods

Martigen's Mart's Mutant Mod - Fully compatible


The FOOK Team's FOOK2 - Fully compatible


SethCreiyd's Better Living Through Chems - not compatible with FWE


Orfev's RiPnO Real Injuries/Primary Needs patch - not compatible with FWE


Mezmorki's Fallout Wanderer's Edition - not compatible with RiPnO or BLTC (but offers a similar alternative)


Darn's Darnified UI


I'm hoping to make IMCN HTS stats part of the HUD at some point, similar to FWE with Darn's UI, but for now Darnified UI makes menus more readable and improves the Pipboy's tab layout)

Alexscorpion and Brianide's Pipboy Readius (the Pipboy shown in screenshots)


Arwen Realism Tweaks (compliments the spirit of realism employed by this mod)


These two mods are fully compatible without a patch, but look for an .esp with some balance tweaks from Arwen in the near future.


Major thanks to Avatier, El'Derina, and anyone else who's helped identify bugs and oversights. Your comments are appreciated.



I will sic Harvey Birdman on your @#$. Um, contact me first if you want to reuse anything. Compatibility patches are fine.

Also, although most of the numbers used in this mod were pulled from reasonably reliable sources, this isn't exactly a peer reviewed research paper, and should by no means be considered a suitable guideline for things like determining the amount of alcohol you can safely drink.