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SATMA and T-Mush-S and Ghogiel

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I cannot believe nobody thought of this already

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So there I was, just finishing Tranquility Lane, when it dawns on me: we all joke around about having Qui-Gon Jinn for a father, but had anyone actually gone all the way and given him the lightsaber and the getup? I couldn't find anything like that, so... I did it!

Sheerly a comedy mod.

Note: Please let someone using MMM Increased Spawns upload a video for this. Extra point if you use Duel of the Fates/Benny Hill Theme for a soundtrack.


  • CS for CS Lightsabers Quest [Give Kudos]
  • Ghogiel for The new hilts and blades.
  • People who created those wonderful Modding Tools/Applications. Thank you.
  • Lucas for creating the Star Wars universe.
  • sativa420 for collecting those magnificent lightsaber sounds.
  • Anyone else I may have missed, thank you.