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An exciting, fun and challenging quest to 10 forgotten locations

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"A Trail of Crumbs…" ~ A fun, exciting and challenging quest featuring 10 forgotten locations and nearly 4 hours of game play**!

Version: 1.0
DATE: 2-16-10
AUTHOR: Balok, aka Mike Hancho

See website for more details and pics!


2-17-10: Added Badass Perk (+50 lbs carryweight, +1 Endurance, + 5 Critical Chance)
It was brought to my attention that the requirement to include a perk uninstallation fix was not needed since the version 1.5 patch for users who decided to remove the mod after they got the perk. So I put the perk back in. The player recieves the perk upon entering the bunker and completing the quest. Added perk note to bunker.

2-17-10: Changed Badass Armor Stats (Perk: +1 Agl, +1 Luck, +5 Sneak)
As a result of adding the perk, I had to alter the Armor Stats. I added a little note about the armor just to give it a little story.

Have you ever remembered a certain place that you may have only visited a time or two and then simply forgot about? There are quite a few places in the game that have little reason to visit other than exploration. For example, how many times have you been to Mama Dolce's or the Chryslus Building? How about Fort Bannister or the Red Racer Factory? If you are like me, you may not have visited those places very often or maybe not al all!

"A Trail of Crumbs" is an exciting, challenging and most of all FUN quest that seeks to guide the player to these and other locations. The quest encompasses 10 separate locations to explore where you will find a hidden key and a modest amount of loot. Once you find the key, you will receive the coordinates to the next location to explore to find the next key and so on etc. Each of these places have lots of loot and there are plenty of enemies in each of them so you can collect quite a bit of spoils along the way if you wish! The player receives a nice perk, some armor with custom stats and a nice little bunker for completing the quest. (see below)

To start the quest make your way to the little patio area behind the Chryslus Building. You will find an hornery Talon Merc named Bubba who will help you on your way after you dispose of him and search his body.

Do NOT let the simplicity of the design fool you! The quest is designed to get increasingly more difficult as you progress, and the final 3 or 4 stages should produce some of the best battles in the game. (At least this author feels it does!) If I have been successful, it should offer a nice, fun challenge for players of all skill levels.

NOTE: I recommend making the quest active in your Quests screen of the Pipboy to help guide you along. Each stage is marked with quest markers for where you need to go next.

NOTE: While not necessary to do so, it is recommended that this quest be started with a lower level (around 5 or so) or even a brand new character for the best gameplay and most fun experience. If you are a level 30 character with all the overpowered perks you can get from Point Lookout and the rest of the game in general, NOTHING is much of a challenge at that point.

** In my non-cheating-while-playtesting walkthroughs, it took me actually OVER 4 hours to play the entire quest from start to finish. I took my time while inside each location, searched for loot, and really took in the experience. I did use fast travel at times to leave the locations when I finished that stage, but most of the locations I walked to from the Super-Duper Mart or Arefu areas. This quest, like the rest of the game is best enjoyed by savoring the moment, not running through it as quickly as you can. Take your time and enjoy the journey!

The reward for completing the quest includes a perk, a hidden bunker with basic features, a small supply of weapons and ammo, as well as some medical supplies. Also, in the bunker you will find a new suit of combat armor and combat helmet you can try out. The armor provides the player with a nice little bonus and uses the Rivet City Security Armor as a base, so it does not require any additional downloads! See the Bunker page for more details and pics!


There is a known issue with older patches before v 1.7 that would cause crashes if you removed a mod after recieving a perk from it. I have been informed that Official Patch v 1.7 does not have this issue, and you should be using that version anyway imho.

This mod does NOT change anything in the game other than adding the locked safes you must find and it adds a sewer grate entrance to the backside of the CO House at Fort Constantine. Any mod that alters the area around the house at the Fort should be checked for compatibility. I cannot think of anything else that might be affected, but if you find something, please let me know on the forums.

NOTE: This mod should work especially well with some of the increased spawns type mods for those looking for a hardcore experience!

But if you can play Fallout 3 you are good to go with the exception of the perk removal issue! All vanilla assets used.

Step 1 - Download and unzip the zip file. Find A Trail of Crumbs.esp. Cut, or Copy and Paste file into your …\Fallout3\Data folder, or just extract it straight to that directory with your compression utility.

Step 2 - Check the tick box for A Trail of Crumbs.esp. in whatever you use to launch the game and launch the game!

Step 3 - Have FUN!!!

>>> Bethesda - for the incredibly talented people who built this "behemoth" (pun intended!) and for allowing the incredibly talented people in the community (and even noob hax like me) to tinker with their game and share what we come up with.
>>> THANK YOU to the folks who contributed and participated in my WIP thread at the Bethesda Forums. You guys really gave me a lot of great ideas, and this final version would not have been possible without your help!

See website for more details and pics!