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This armor was already in the game, just unplayable. I also added an optional download with the Zeta force field effect.

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This mod adds the Outcast Recon Armor, plus helmet, to the game. I just dropped them outside Vault 101. These files were already in the game, just unplayable. I've included a regular version and a special Zeta version. The Zeta version has a special force field, that some aliens use on the mothership. It's very pretty visually, and it only manifests when you draw your weapon. When manifested, it gives you +30 damage resistance, and +30 radiation resistance. You need to have the Zeta DLC installed to use it.

Only use one .esp file at a time.

To install, just put one of the .esp files into your fallout "Data" directory. You know the rest, I hope.

In a future version, I might integrate it into the game better. Maybe you could get it from the outcast base, in exchange for armors, in that protector casdin mini-quest. Enjoy.