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A camera view that looks like Resident evil 4 and also 5\'s camera.

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As stated in the comments by SaikyoFox, Modern Combat Pistol Shooting isn't compatible. Haven't tried myself, but I don't play Fallout 3 anymore.

I finally got Fallout: New Vegas.

My camera is now uploaded to New Vegas Nexus.

Confirmed by wtfitsed that my mod works on Fallout: New Vegas. Just install it like you would on Fallout 3. :)

This is my first little mod, I liked the camera in the newer Resident Evils and it seemed easier to me to aim.

Just renamed the file to Resident Evil Camera instead of Resident Evil 4 and 5 Camera.

Uploaded the center ESP, to make your character appear in the middle of the screen. :)

The centered camera, in my opinion, looks better with this camera than my skate camera.

I added an esp to make the camera on the right side of the screen instead of the left. For people who like it on the right.

I recommend people to use this. It's easier for me to aim and easier for sniping:
Auto Aim Fix - Headshot Deluxe Edition

To uninstall it just delete the skeleton. (it works for me)

*If deleting the skeleton does not bring the default camera back then try to deactivate archiveInvalidation then reactivate.

I added Fallout 3's default camera for those who can't get the default camera back.

*Please Endorse my mod. I like to see how many people love my mod.* :)

Add some of your own images, I want to see your characters with my camera. :D
Any mod that changes the skeleton in the meshes/characters/_male/skeleton.NIF
Modern Combat Pistol Shooting