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Get your brain reinstalled... with SCIENCE!

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Version 1.3 update:
Corrects a minor oversight. There is a dialog option that appears when the PC has certain attributes, resulting in a shortening of the 'scavenger hunt' portion of the quest. The option has always showed up, but you wouldn't know it was because of your attribute. This just fixes that.

Version 1.2 update:
Fixed dirty reference on Nadine. You wouldn't have noticed it unless you are using another mod that touches her, such as project beauty.
Fixed problem with Doc Otis where he wouldn't help you if you have second thoughts. And who can blame you for having second thoughts, really?

This minor fix is untested but it was a simple brainfart on my part so it should work. Please let me know if I flubbed it again.

Minor spoilers for Point Lookout included below.

This is a short quest, wherein the player is able to go in search of a doctor who can replace the hunk of brain that was taken midway through the main quest of Point Lookout.
It includes some dark humor in the true Fallout style, as well as multiple possible conclusions, based on chance. It is Wasteland Brain Surgery after all.

There are no known bugs, although it has not been what I would call thoroughly tested. I expected there will be a minor issue here or there. Please leave bug reports in the comments and I will fix.

There are no known conflicts, although any mod that alters the brain jar script will most likely stop the quest from starting properly. If this occurs, I believe the updated fill will fix it and start the quest as soon as the item is in your inventory.

At the risk of spoiling a bit, I will go ahead and explain about the reward(s). When you do the deed to get your noggin fixed, there is a chance of 4 different rewards. So if you just want the "best" reward, you can make a save before you agree to the surgery, and keep reloading until you get the one you want. That's not really roleplaying to me, but it's your game, play how you want :).

~45% chance you get your brain put back in, all is well, and you feel luckier for the experience (+1 luck).

~45% chance the brain you picked up was not actually yours. It was from some random tribal, and you can commune with the forces nature and whatnot (+2 perception)

~5% chance the brain chunk was from some unknown supergenius (+4 intelligence)

~5% chance the brain chunk was from one of the swamp folk (swamp folk become your allies, and you feel slighlty more Republican smile.gif)

It never is stated anywhere that the brain in the jar is actually yours, so I gave it a chance that it isn't.

I am open to adding other rewards/outcomes if there is interest.

Thanks to AdamArcie for the suggestion and the rest of the posters in the request thread for their ideas.