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Mergers various conflicts between Fallout Overhaul Kit & Fallout Wanderers Edition - a new version for FOOK2 1.0 & FWE 4.1.1 above & beyond.

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Currently Outdated :(

09-12-10: Woah FALLOUT 3 looks good with all these new mods floating around - making me want to return here and mod again :) - stay tuned!

FWE-FOOK merger -old version- -outdated. wont work with current version of FWE, hence this mod.

These two ESPs merge the various files from the FOOK and FWE Mods that conflict with one another by default
as well as merging the duplicate weapon entry stats (Example: FN FALs are added by both Mods with noticeably
different statistics, this alters both to be the same). Generally, FOOK was given priority over conflicting
weapon/armor statistics. The main exceptions to this being Weapon Damage, Armor DR, Condition, and Armor
Weight. Armor DR was altered to be the average of the FOOK and FWE values, while Condition and Armor Weight
use the FWE values.

Weapon Damage was matched to a damage template created by averaging FOOK and FWE's templates (Example: If
FWE added 8 points to vanilla Auto Rifles and FOOK added 4 points to vanilla Auto Rifles, this merger would
add 6 points to vanilla Auto Rifles).

Note that the DLC Merger ESP's has all five DLCs as Masters. So if you don't have all five DLCs, you'll probably
want to leave it alone, including the fook+fwe+pb+mmm patch.

Some other notable contents:

- Stopped Hunger/Thirst popups from popping up if you've disabled Hunger/Thirst
- Disabled FWE's version of Explosive Entry
- Disabled FWE's placed unique items that were also placed by FOOK
- FOOK-added, and DLC-added, ingestibles were made compatible with FWE's Eat/Drink system
- Fixed T-Shirt statistics
- Fixed various explosive projectiles' destructible explosion
- Item Values use FWE statistics
- Misc Items usually use FWE weight
- FOOK-added Items' Values reduced to fit with default items
- Most FOOK-added Object Effects' magnitudes reduced
- Ion weapons use FWE's AlienSniper projectile
- Pulse, Tesla, and Drone Cannon weapons use Electric Resistance
- The Classic DR version adds minor Fire and Energy Resistance to Leather and Metallic armors (respectively)

Obviously, this should be loaded after all other FOOK and FWE plugins. It is meant to replace the FWE-FOOK
compatibility plugin that comes packaged with the FWE and FOIP downloads. So juggle your load order


Version 4.15 Update:

- Bunch of weapon durability fixes (notably SMGs and Miniguns)
- Yet more Explosive-related destructable fixes (I think I finally got them all)
- Fixed Turret weapon Fire Rates
- Fixed Jericho's Rifle's Ammo Type
- Updated Explosions' Damage and Radius (FWE changed them at some point)
- Added FWE's BMG Projectile and Explosion

EVE+UWWUT Compatibility Patch Update:

- Updated for EVE v0.9.5

MMM+PB Compatibility Patch Update:

- Updated for MMM v5.0


Optional compatibility patch requirements (see included readme files for exact plugin listing):

Project Beauty & MMM - Project Beauty HD, CALIBR, FOOK2, FWE, MMM, Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, and Point Lookout.

EVE & UWWUT - CALIBR, FOOK2, FWE, Anchorage, The Pitt, Broken Steel, Zeta, UWWUT, and EVE.

Version 4.20 updates:

Fully intergrated all patches of Project Beauty HD into the fook+fwe+mmm+pb.esp here....all you need is the meshes and textures and PB HD.esm from their page.

-fix a few errors with fwe 4.1.1 - might have overlooked a few which is minor anyway.

-Gave Talon mercs FOIP's "MMM-FWE master release" names which previous version overrode.

-Added 2 new patches for OFFKORN's RWI mod which was not compatible with project beauty or FWE+FOOK+MMM+PB.esp now 100% compatible to have RWI-FOOK-FWE-MMM with project beauty HD faces ;)

-updated the eve+uwwut patch also fixed the eugene unique textures - should show now havent tested anything in game yet.

Basic load order is from my experience and using b.o.s.s. as a reference, should download and take a look at it.

-alot of other additions and fixes i cant remember right now...this description is being rushed - i will update and refurbish this whole page over the next few days

- fixed alot of bugs and misc things not worth mentioning as you probably hardldy noticed them.
-fixed the tri beam laser rifle in the fook+eve+uwwut plugin before it was shooting marker errors and i increased the spread and corrected model file paths - an error on Offkorn's part.
-children race should be fully playable now without problems as well as ghoul race
-still working on raider race with SCC companions
- cant remember what else i fixed and/or added.
-added a detailed overhaul load order readme to the file section.

OFFKORN of course you can and should still use his page as a reference for load order and links and read old comments till i get this page up and running.

He has stop modding for FO3 and gave me permission to take over his work which is no easy task ;(....let me know if anyone has any problems.