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  1. DamienXIII
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    Hello, dDefinder, first of all, thanks for uploading this mod in here.....

    So, I have a quarry.....

    Can I download and enable this mod through Vortex.....?????
  2. Sn4rk
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    For anyone who wants to further enhance this
    In Fallout.ini under [Decals] add:

    uMaxSkinDecals=1000000 (or any custom value)
    uMaxSkinDecalPerActor=5000000 (or any custom value)

    and under [Display] add:

    fDecalLOD0=2000000 (or any custom value)

    This makes it so that bullet holes or stab wounds stay on characters and have no limit (by default they are limited to 3 at once and stay only for few seconds) and also make it so that blood splatters appear at bigger distance.
  3. Wolfinston
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    Okay so I don't know if this will help someone but I managed to install it without the screen blood effects, it's just the instructions to a lot of Fallout mods take a lot of stuff for granted.

    Like you need a mod manager to install this mod, same as most other mods out there, I'm using FOMM, but you can check out a nice list on pcgamingwiki's fallout 3's page.

    I chose FOMM because pcgamingwiki says it's the easier of them all, and it's quite easy to get the hang around on how to use it.

    1.- You install and launch FOMM, you choose fallout 3 when prompted between fo3 or nv.

    2.- A page will pop up showing your dlc and fallout 3 game, make sure to check the left square of each tile for all the dlcs and fallout 3, the load order is what gets loaded up first by the game, this is important, on FOMM the load order is from top to bottom, the top will get loaded first, the bottom gets loaded last.

    3.- Make sure that you start Fallout 3 GOTY at least once so you have the configuration files in mydocuments/Fallout3/. In this directory you'll want to open FALLOUT.ini with a text editor. Then you'll want to find the line that says bInvalidateOlderFiles=0, change its value to 1, then save the file. This is a very important step, otherwise the mod won't work, same goes for other mods that change textures and the like.

    4.- Go to FOMM and on the right side there should be an option called Pacakgemanager, click it and another window should open. In this new window you should see on the right side an option that says "Add FoMod" click it and a file explorer window should open up. In this window you should select the mod you downloaded from here, make sure you didn't unzip it, the program only detects compressed files.

    5.- The mod should already appear on the window pane where you clicked the "Add FoMod" option, here you should either click it and then click on activate mod, or double click the mod, a pop up should appear telling you that it should be installed.

    6.- Download the optional plugins from the download pages here and go to the screen blood folder, there you should find a file called, "dD-No Screen Blood.esp", compress this file on .zip mode, you can do this with any compressor, I used Winrar, for example.

    7.- Here you'll basically repeat step 4, just click the "Add FoMod" option, then select your newly zip file for the "dD-No Screen Blood" and then make sure to double click it on FOMM or click it and then activate the mod so it also gets installed.

    8.- Finally you have to make sure of the order in which these mods will get loaded up, just make sure that the gore mod gets loaded up after all the dlc's and the base game, then make sure that the "dD-No Screen Blood" mod gets loaded up after the gore mod, you'll want to do this so that the no screen blood option overrides the base setting set by the default gore mod.

    After this, all you have to do is launch the game through steam, you can also launch it to FOMM but it doesn't seem to make any difference either way, this worked for me, hope it works for someone else.
  4. Sn4rk
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    I noticed there are blood pools in your enhanced blood mods for Skyrim and Fallout 4.
    Are blood pools possible for Fallout 3/New Vegas?
  5. KoRuTaKu
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    lmfao dfinder has a Blood retexture....dude made a mod on release for every fallout game since f03...thats dedicaton
  6. waldziuwaldziu
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    i've noticed that the blood spatter on melee weapons looks correct only with "smaller spatter realistic" plugin, but unfortunately this plugin also greatly reduce overall amount of blood in the game. without this plugin, blood textures on weapons are sometimes cut in half. does anyone know how to fix this, or how to retrieve vanilla blood spatters on melee weapons while using this mod?
  7. ProtectorNova
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    How to disable screenblood?
    1. Delta7439
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      did you find a way to disable? I cant see sht with all that blood covering the screen
    2. albruto
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      This mod ought to work, the blood on the screen is just a texture which this mod replaces with basically empty texture files. You basically just put this in the game folder after you installed enhanced blood textures.
  8. LamprosF
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    How to fix white squares flashing on blood?
      • BANNED
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      i had the same issue for New vegas
      but i think i found a fix. 
      go into your graphics card settings, click on GPU2 and enable supersampling as well as enhanced sync, hope this helped
      (if you don't know how to enter your graphics card setting search for a tutorial on youtube or something)
  9. missing43
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    Is there an explanation of how to install the no screen blood esp? Dragging it to my data folder doesn't seem to work

    I think the author should have published all of these mods without the screen blood since every single person using them seems to hate it

    Edit: went to Fallout 3\Data\textures\gore and manually deleted all the screen blood files there (think there were 4 or 5, might be more), I think that should remove it from the game.
  10. marcniii
    • member
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    Is the vanilla screen blood plugin supposed to be like the un-moded screen blood effect or is it like the intial 1.0 screen blood effect for this mod. I am not running EVE all I want is this mods blood textures for everything but screen blood, for that I want just the un-moded default screen blood
    When using the plugins I can get no screen blood or something different with the plugins but not the original default. Maybe I am doing something wrong?