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Well, this day is a realy sad day. I have to sold my lovely display nec pa271w, that helped me through all this years to create mods here and there. Twice sadly i have now a display too dark to show colors, pixels and lines. So I have to stop all my works till i have a good one. 

To the next time, Nexus, and sorry.


  1. id2301
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    Thx, people. Will see, how stars will set...
  2. C16
    • supporter
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    Sent you a donation, I hope it helps!

    Thank you for your wonderful contributions to the community!
    1. id2301
      • member
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      Received, thx. I hope too.
  3. AmaccurzerO
    • supporter
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    I understand you because, like you, I also feel that amazing little joy in creating and sharing mods of our favourite game. Dont be sad. Things will get better and you will continue with your excellent projects.
  4. ironwolf777
    • supporter
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    Your texture mods have meant a lot to me and many others. Many thanks for breathing new life into my favorite game.
  5. phoenix0113
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    Sorry to hear that bro :( thank you for your amazing contributions to the community! Hope things turn around for you soon :)
  6. Sebastjin
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    Awful news.
    I dearly hope you return.
  7. fredlaus
    • supporter
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    I really hope you will be operative soon.
    Thank you for all your work till now.
    It has been a pleasure to follow you.
  8. requested
    • member
    • 226 posts
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    Sad day indeed, hope your situation improves soon.