Illusion of Serenity about to dissipate

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The foreground with small tufts of grass , a gentle breeze stirring small wavelets upon the small body of otherwise calm water; it just seems so inviting to wander or hike through the great outdoors.
The backdrop with the ruined overpass puts a dent in the idyllic scene and cracks appear in the thin veneer of the apparent serenity.
And the grim reality of both lurking danger and uneasy menace of this surface world sink in again; as does the realisation of how the security and safety the Vault provided, was simply taken for granted.


  1. jobra888
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  2. diewaffel365
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    Is this vanilla?
    It looks great!
    1. Alehazar
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      As far as I am aware I have no landscape or weather re-textures installed, so yes, this is vanilla.