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New companions for Fallout 2.

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PLEASE NOTE: The mod is in it's beta stage so bugs are to be expected, please feel free to report any issues you encounter.
Reports in the Discord Server are more likely to be replied to first.

I always loved Fallout 2's companions - they arguably have the most charm in the whole series but, after countless playthroughs, I was yearning for new content so I happily present to you the "Restoration Project - Companion Expansion".

It currently features 9 new companions (6 from FO2 and 3 originals).

>> This mod is only for the updated version of the Restoration Project found here, NOT the version found here on the Nexus. <<

(From left to right: Rhea, Ceri, Player, Doc Jones and Lara)

Companions with their own personalities, quirks, likes and dislikes.

- Hundreds of new lines of dialogue, changing by location, party composition and others.

- Companion Angela with her own unique "Relationship System".

- Restoration of Doc Jones (Vault 15) as a companion, which was originally cut content.

- Full integration of the "Better Miria" mod by Endocore with new exclusive content.

- Fully animated Talking Heads (portraits) with changing backgrounds depending on location - Only if using Talking Heads Addon.

- And many other features!


Bio: Lara is the stoic and cunning leader of a gang in The Den.

Small arms and melee companion, with various level ups.

The Den - West Side (East once her quest is completed)

How to obtain:
Finish her quest, kill Metzger and have Intelligence of 5 of above.

(Written by Green Inja and Goat_Boy)

Doc Jones:

Doc Jones works for the New Khans of Vault 15, albeit against his will.

Unable to fight but a very capable "Utility Companion" excelling in Doctor and First Aid skills, able to level up.

Vault 15 

How to obtain:
Free him from Vault 15 and talk to him twice once he relocated to the Squatters Camp.

(Written by Green Inja and Exotic)

"Red-Knuckle" Rhea:

Rhea is a traveler and self-proclaimed "Ultimate Vigilante", she aims to free the wasteland of all evil by using her fists.

Description: A pure unarmed combatant as she is unwilling to equip any weapons, able to level up.

Location: NCR - Inner City 

How to obtain:
Talk to her, must not be a Slaver or Killer.

(Written by Goat_Boy)


Ceri is Metzger's dim-witted and talkative personal slave.

Basically a Miria 2.0 but she is able to equip any weapon albeit poorly. If the Chosen One is patient enough they may find out she has untapped potential.

The Den - East Side

How to obtain:
Can be bought (or swapped) from a new NPC named Guzzler, found in the slaver's guild in The Den, or one can free her by killing Metzger and his crew.

(Written by Samson and LebronJane)

Angela Bishop:

Bio: It’s Angela Bishop! Mob bosses daughter and “Princess” of New Reno. In spite of her bitchy and stand-offish attitude (and hormonal tendencies, if you’re a man), she’s willing to rough it out in the wastes with you, if you treat her right.

Description: Angela is being built to be the most complex companion out there! With nearly 40 pages of script to her name so far, she’s being built up to react to almost any situation you can think of. She has a built in “trust” meter, which is changed based on how you respond to her comments about the world around her (quest completion, NPC hires, etc.). As you become more friendly or antagonistic towards her, Angela will speak to you in response to how she feels about you. Maxing out her trust meter comes with great benefits, but be careful pissing her off, as she may just leave you for good. Her combat preferences are with small guns, melee weapons, and unarmed.

Location: The Shark Club, second floor.

How to obtain:
Become a Bishop Made Man (male or female) or Kill John Bishop (only male). Then, pass a Charisma check (6-7, accordingly), a speech check (80-120), or have the Sex Appeal Trait/Sexpert Reputation (if Male).

(Written by Green Inja)


Bio: Mason is the bodyguard and biggest fanboy of the crime boss Mr. Salvatore.

As an assignment for Mr. Salvatore, Mason has been instructed to travel with the Chosen One for greater combat experience. He’s highly skilled with “lightbringers,” but is still effective with all over weapons. He can also provide the Chosen One with a one-time-only energy weapons training session.

Location: Salvatore’s Bar, second floor.

How to obtain:
Become a Salvatore Made Man, while also maxing out Mason’s “patience” score (receive the max reward from Mason after finishing the Salvatore quests).

(Written by Krimson Graey and Green Inja)

Lil' Jesus Mordino:

Bio: Son of Big Jesus Mordino and over-aggressive jet-head, it’s Lil' Jesus Mordino! He’s willing to follow anyone looking to get into a good scrap.

Description: Highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat, and with his specialized knife “Lil' Jesus.” He is also proficient with small guns and is the best of any companion with throwing weapons. He can also provide the Chosen One with a one-time-only melee training session.

Location: The Desperado, first floor.

How to obtain: Become a Mordino Made Man, with 80+ Speech or < 5 Strength (if Male) or Speech 75+ or Sex Appeal Trait or Sexpert Reputation (if Female).

(Written by Green Inja)

Christopher Wright:

Bio: One of the many sons of Orville Wright, a crime boss of New Reno, Christopher (or Chris to his friends) is looking to get out there and explore the California Wastes.

Description: Overall great fighter and good repair skills. He can also provide the Chosen One with a one-time-only repair training session.

How to obtain:
Become a Wright Made Man and recruit him with 80+ Speech.

(Written by Green Inja and Toxic Russian)

Male or Female Slave:

Generic slave NPC, can be male or female. Mostly suited for carrying equipment.

The slave companion will join even with a full party but is very weak in combat and is unable to equip any armors, aside from leather jackets. Some companions will refuse to join a player who owns slaves.

The Den - East Side

How to obtain:
Can be bought from Guzzler (new slaver NPC), found in the slaver's guild in The Den.

(Written by Goat_Boy)

  • Companions may be recruited over your party size limit, matter will be fixed in a later update.
  • New companions are currently unavailable to be sold as slaves or healed by doctors (will be added in a future update.)

Talking Heads Addon:

Better Miria Mod:
Incompatible as it's already integrated into this mod (credits to Endocore).

Armored Talking Heads: Only compatible if using RPU - Talking Heads Addon with it's patch.

EcCo: Compatible with patch in download section

Fallout Mechanics MiniRework: Compatible

Kamos's Original Mod Pack: Incompatible

Others: Any mod adding new NPCs to the game is likely to be incompatible.

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Lara & Vic - Treading through the wastes.