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This is the talking heads patch that integrates voice acting into Goat Boy's Talking Heads mod for the restoration project.

Permissions and credits
PLEASE NOTE: This mod is currently in Alpha release. Alpha here means that not nearly all of the talking heads have been given voice acting treatment yet, and that not all integrated voices are polished or proven fully working. There are still known issues that are being worked on.

Mod Discord: https://discord.gg/V7SFamtSVd

Casting Call!!!
This mod is currently in its infancy and we are looking for talented volunteer voice actors who are interested in helping with the project. We have well over 100 characters that we are still looking to cast. Please take a look at the character list for the current available characters that need voice acting.

If you have interest in voicing any character(s) please feel free to send me recordings of the sample lines in the character bios at the above link. We are being selective in who we choose to cast for the roles as we want to maximize the quality of the voice acting performances in the game. I can be reached on discord at Black_Electric#5927 or by email: [email protected]

Mod Description:
Fallout 2 has proven to be my favorite installment in the Fallout franchise. One of the things I really enjoyed was stumbling across the few animated and voiced heads in the game, it felt like such a unique experience for a game conceived and programmed in the 90's. Back then, lip syncing the hundreds of voice acted lines was an incredibly arduous task that took weeks to complete. So, for the past 25 years, Fallout 2 has seen no voice acting mods outside of Cassidy.

Upon seeing Goat Boy's talking heads mod updates on NMA, I was super excited at the prospect of another FO2 playthrough but this time with more animated character interactions. There's just one problem... THEY DON'T TALK!

This mod seeks fix that. After some time spent working on deciphering the LIP sync file formats and learning about current technologies in language processing, I was able to put together a workflow that allows me to fully lip sync a character with a voice actors lines in a matter of an hour or two instead of days like with Cassidy and the original Fallout 2 animated heads.

So now we are reaching out to the community finding talent to bring voices to the interactable NPC's of the post-apocalyptic fallout 2 wasteland. Between Goat Boy and I, our ultimate goal would be to animate and get voiced, every interactable character in Fallout 2. This is a monumental task covering around 150 characters and thousands upon thousands of lines of dialog. While we may not be able to get every single one voiced, we are hoping to cover most of them.

We are operating on a budget of no money; all of our voice actors are volunteers who gave up their time and put in a lot of work to help record their lines and bring these characters to life. Not all of our actors are professionals. If you do not like the way a character sounds, you are welcome to record your own character mod.

Video Demos:

Installation Instructions:
Please see the README that comes with this mod when you download the archive file for installation instructions.

Currently Supported Characters:
Character development is happening in no particular order, it just depends on who we find to cast for each role.

***Additional Characters Added in 0.4.0 to be listed later***

  • Abott (Abbey)
  • Barkus (Vault City)
  • Cameron (Temple of Trials)
  • Captian A. Ron Meyers (PMV Valdez, San Francisco)
  • Cat Jules (EPA)
  • Dangerous Dan McGrew - (Morningstar Mine, Redding)
  • Dragon (San Francisco)
  • Doc Henry (NCR)
  • Joey (Den, West Side)
  • Ken Lee (Shi, San Francisco)
  • Klint (Temple of Trials / Arroyo)
  • Lao Cho (San Francisco)
  • McClure (Vault City)
  • Mira (NCR)
  • Mom (Den)
  • Mynoc (Arroyo)
  • Obadiah Hakeswill (Morningstar Mine, Redding)
  • Sheriff Marion (Redding)
  • Slim Picket (Trapper Town, Klamath)
  • Smiley (Toxic Caves / Klamath)
  • Sgt. Stark (Vault City)
  • Steve (Broken Hills)
  • Tyler (East Side Church, The Den)
  • Typhon (Broken Hills)
  • Wooz (Gecko)
  • Dex (EPA) - Redacted w/ v0.3.0

Characters Added in v0.3.0:
  • Angela Bishop (New Reno)
  • Balthas (Vault City)
  • Ben Wade (Redding)
  • Dalia (Vault 13 & 15)
  • Dave (Abbey)
  • Dr. Schreber (Navarro)
  • Father Tully (New Reno)
  • Festus (Gecko)
  • Gordan (Gecko)
  • K9 (Navarro)
  • Matthew (San Francisco)
  • Proconsul Gregory (Vault City)
  • Renesco (New Reno)
  • Salvatore (New Reno)
  • Shaman (Umbra Tribe)
  • Skynet (Companion)
  • Smitty (The Den)
  • The Brain (Gecko)

Known Issues:
Please feel free to report any major issues that are found with the mod, that are not already mentioned below. We can be reached at our discord shared at the top of the page. Minor details like tweaks / fixes to the speech alignment or to the animation frames to improve the mouth movement will probably not be addressed while the mod is still in development.

  • Smiley - Only the lines for Smiley's head after he is rescued are being played. - Fixed w/ v0.3.0
  • Audio issues such as audio being clipped at beginning / end, and not being normalized too well - Improved w/ v0.3.0
  • Long pause on some characters before audio starts - Fixed w/ v0.3.0
  • Some talking heads seem to show 'jitter' while talking. This is technically an issue with the base talking heads mod as the frames are not perfectly aligned / centered. Goat Boy is aware of this issue and is working to fix this for all heads as he maintains the mod.
  • If using a language other than english, some lines of dialog will show up in english instead of the target language. These lines will need to be manually translated at a later date, they are the lines added by the talking heads mod.

Release Notes

***Release note for 0.4.0 pending***

0.3.1 - Alpha 3.1 Release

  • Added support for additional languages outside of english.
  • Now, the english voice will play, but the dialog menu will display in the chosen language.

0.3.0 - Alpha 3.0 Release

  • Added 17 additional voiced dialog sets to the game
  • Fixed smiley's lines not playing while you rescue him from the cave
  • Fixed the EPA characters not saying their lines initially
  • Patched about a dozen missing dialog lines from various characters
  • Updated several character scripts to the RPU version (previously using vanilla scripts)
  • Re-finished all character audio files to reduce silence before / after audio play back
  • Corrected .txt files in the sound folder (previously using edited versions from the lip sync process)
  • Re-generated all character program scripts as part of the audit process to correct missing dialog lines
  • Redacted Dex's talking head while we wait on missing line recordings from Dex's VA.

0.2.0 - Alpha 2.0 Release

  • Adds additional 9 voiced characters
  • Fixes bug with slim picket's head not displaying.
  • Fixes bug with Tyler's game attacking the player erroneously after killing tyler.

0.1 - Initial Alpha Release

  • Adds voiced dialog to an initial 17 characters in the game.
  • Over 600 lines of new voiced dialog added to the game.