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SCP - Standard Crafting Panel is a simple mod that adds crafting to Fallout2.

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Requirements: (Should always works - I hope, fingers crossed)
Fallout 2 GOG version
Fallout 2 Restoration mod (http://www.nma-fallout.com/threads/fallout-2-restoration-project-2-3-3-unofficial-expansion.202265/)
min. Sfall version (could work with previous one's but I can't give guarantee)

It could be required to add following lines to ddraw.ini  - but not always - if you get big red text in your game stating that you mess up with draw.ini file add those files to this file.

LOOK INTO .png files how to add it without problem.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

;Ensure that the RP ddraw.ini file is being used

VersionString=FALLOUT II 1.02.31  RP 2.3.3

SCP - Standard Crafting Panel is an in-crafting terminal that will allow you to craft or dismantle any major game item like (weapons,armors,drugs,explosive,ammo etc) and some minors as well (Water flask, Stealth Boy, Geiger Counter, Motion Sensor, Xander root, Broc flower).


There are new 6 crafting items added to the game:
Leather scarps
Metal parts
Explosive material
Weapon parts
Medical Supplies 

From which you can  almost anything (excluding unique quest items and some other things).

SCP also give a bit more meaning to your skills, there are all required to both dismantling and crafting new ones. 


Simple, just finish your temple of trials - it will be added to your inventory.

New game save file is required. :( - unless upgraged from previous version


Formula for calculating how much scrap you will get from item is as following:

For Leather Jacket:

Dismantle skill required (DSR): Outdoorsman 15 
Craft skill required (CSR): Outdoorsman 20

Base required item_1: Leather Scraps 25

Item value: 250 $

For Player Skill (PS):


Modifier: 50-(DSR-PS)

Player will get:
25 * (Modifier)/100  -----> 25*(50-(15-15))/100 -------> 25*(50)/100 ----> 25*0,5 ---> 12,5 

So with minimum skill player only get half of the value in mats.

Item can have up to 3 skill requirements and only difference is in Modifier where all skill are taken into account.

Maximum yield of 100% mats items starts with 100 point more then required skill level.
In this example player will get 25 Leather Scraps when he/she will have 115 or more Outdoorsman skill points. 


Very similar but formula is as follow:

Modifier: 50-(CSR-PS)

25 * (100+Modifier)/100  -----> 25*(100+50-(20-20))/100 -------> 25*(100+50)/100 ----> 25*1,5 ---> 37,5 

Maximum cost of mats items with minimum skill required is 150%. In this example player is required to have 38 (maybe 37 I forgot which one :( ) Leather Scraps.
When he/she will have 120 or more Outdoorsman skill points, cost is dynamically reduces to 100%  => 25 Leather Scraps. 

Both Crafting and Dismantling rewards player with small xp bonus (Dismantling gives 1/10 of original item value (Jacket example 25 XP) and Crafting 1/2 (125 XP)

For more details please look into SCP.xmls document - almost everything is written there.  


Because I had plans for also including some kind of upgrade systems or give items leveling perks etc - however by the time I finished basic functionality I decide that for now let's see how dismantling/crafting are working on their own. If you would be interested in adding upgrade system please let me know and I will try to find some spare time to add it into the game.
Also if someone would be interested in building something upon this mod, please feel free to do that - just let me know and include me somewhere. :)

Hope you all enjoy :)