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This is a very simple mod that adds a whole bunch of cheat items to a chest outside of the Arroyo temple.

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There's no fancy mod installer, etc. for this mod.  It's a simple map update and addition of items. 

Step 1) Download the *.zip file
Step 2) Unzip the file to reveal the two "Map" files
Step 3) Put these two files in your Fallout 2/Data/Maps folder [NOTE: If you don't know how to find that file location, don't download this mod.]
Step 4) Rename the > patch000.dat < file from the main > \Fallout 2 < directory to something like patch000.bak
Step 5) Start a new game

Frankly, I believe nothing ruins a game faster than a cheat mod; but this was a special request.  It works on Steam or for a direct CD install of FO2.  Based on your character type, you should find the best weapon of choice in the chest and a set of standard power armor.  There's also some extra cash and a few utility items.

IMPORTANT LIMITATION: You must wear the armor if you will be wielding any of the cheat weapons.  This is just a quick 'n dirty mod, so I didn't create new models for a tribal toon to wield a super sledgehammer, etc.  If you don't wear the armor (at least until you pick up the vault 13 suit), you'll crash to desktop.