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New Armor for F2

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Please read bellow for compatibility and installation process. 
The following installation will install Gangster Armor Mod 
for Fallout 2 Restoration Project.
This addition will bring new armor to the game that can 
be found in few places in New Reno.


Please stop the installation process immediately if you don't have
Resotration Project 2.3.3 or newer. 

This mod is created specially to be played only with 
Restoration Project. Most probably will work with vanilla Fallout 2 , but it's not guaranteed. 


This mod will conflict with any other mods that change proto items list. 
(unless you use clean Restoration Project)
In this case I strongly recommend to backup your proto items folder. This can be found in your installation folder of the game usually \Fallout2\Data\Proto
If you have other items on item.lst they will be overwritten and lost and you will not be able to use them in the game. You can still use this mod along with your other mods by simply adding my item to your already existing list. Just open your item.lst with your text editor , go to the bottom of the file and then add this line: 00000800.pro . Make sure that you have the file 00000800.pro in this folder too, without  this file you will not be able to see the item in the game.  This file can be find in the archive of this installation. 


I Install the mod but I can't see the items in the game.
A: Make sure that you install the mod in \Fallout2\ installation folder, not in 
\Fallout2\Gangster Suit Armor like installer suggest. If you install that way, it will put files in wrong folder and you would not able to see the changes in the game.  Try re-installing the package again if this happens. This is not game breaking and your game is intact even if you did not install it in the right folder. 

Q: Is this contain all weapons? 
A: Yes. It's compatible with all weapons in Vanilla and Restoration Project including Wakazashi Blade (the frames is still knife though)

Q: Can I use this mod without starting a new game?
A: You can use this mod without starting a new game only IF you never step in the first area of New Reno. The save game code of Fallout 2 is created to make copy of the area that you've been previously , so everytime that you visit this area is loaded from the save file not from the \maps folder of the Fallout 2. 

Q: I already started a game and already visit New Reno, is there a way to got the item?
A: It's a delicate question and not so easy to answer. I though of various way to add the item in the game without interfare with the save game areas but I could not find a workaround. However you can use Fallout save game editor to add the item to your inventory. You can find save game editor in http://www.nma-fallout.com/ in download section. 

Q: Is this armor can be worn by female character??
A: Yes it can be worn by female character, but will not present any new graphics and frames. Female character will look exactly  like wearing Black Leather Jacket. 

Q: Where can I search for this armor?
A: It's in main part of New Reno. The location where you first arrive in New Reno. 

Q: Is the item worth it? How powerful is ?
A: It's very balanced and realistic to keep in line with the lore of Fallout 2. Gangster Suit is almost same armor class like Leather Jacket, just little bit weaker protection , but slightly good threshold against bullets. This armor is mostly for cosmetic and nice looking character that fit for New Reno.

Q: Can I give this armor to my followers? Will they look like gangsters?
A: For now it's only for the player. I need to think about how to implement and find a workaround to make it usable by followers.

Created by XoneGameR. 

My user name in http://www.nma-fallout.com/ forum is Holder80. 
My user name in http://www.nexusmods.com/  is Costass
My user name in http://www.youtube.com/xonegamer

Installation Process: