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Is Fallout 1 beatable without an inventory? It's an interesting challenge idea for sure, since the inventory is such an integral part of Fallout's gameplay. Without the inventory, you lose a lot of the meaningful progression, however is it still possible to beat the game? That's what we'll find out today, on our first Fallout challenge!

If you wan't to see this video in written form (also expanded slightly, and a nice addition for purists) -


As far as starts to a new series go, this one isn't too bad. I've got to mention for all of the purists however, that there is a much better way to complete this challenge, and I'm putting this everywhere so that I don't get lambasted with comments.

At the end of the video, I mention an alternative way of completing this challenge, and doing it this way removes the need to obtain items, money or services (except for the water chip).

We'll want to tag Science and lockpick, and then follow my guide, but don't pick up the: psychic nullifier, junk parts (Necropolis). Don't hire Ian, and don't sleep in the hotel.

Grind up until you're about level 10, and take on the Military Base. Save-scum to reduce the amount of damage you take, even if that means save-scumming until the enemy eventually misses. You should be able to tank your way through the base without using the dialog exploit.

grind up to level 12, take the better criticals perk. unlock the doors in the cathedral and kill the Mutants. Go and arm the Nuke, and escape.

The end.