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The Mod adds new Quendar Kingdom. This faction does not use slaves, suffers from halved growth, but benefits from excellent city outputs and can train elite warriors.

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1. Content

This Mod adds Quendar Kingdom. Nervari Quendar faction does not use slaves, suffers from halved growth, but benefits from excellent city outputs and can train elite warriors thus they are designed to be kinda "tall" faction.

The Nervari Quendar are refugees from the Magnar Empire whose leader managed to negotiate peace with his once bitter enemies - the Kingdoms. They retain many of the traits of their brethren under Magnar, but do not use slaves in their armies. The veneration of fire and dragons persists, but some scholars try to study the once alien magics: lore of water or lore of life.

In addition, all Nervari perfectly understand that they are viewed both as strangers and traitors in this land, and if they do not unite, do not work together for the benefit of their new homeland, they will be destroyed - either by former brothers or the new "friends". They practice harsh trials for their soldiers and their armies are always distinguished by high discipline and combat skills.

- Faction receive a +20% bonus to gold production, get more food and production in their cities, but suffer -50% Growth penalty. They can cast the Repatriation spell which allows to negate Growth penalty for ONE city at time at the cost of Unrest.
- Faction can build Martial Library, an improvement that provides +5% research, reduces training costs by 15% and grants trained units +1 starting level and +5 Defense
- Faction can build Fighting Pits, an improvement that grants trained units the Gladiator ability (+2 Initiative, +5% Physical Resistance and +20% Armor Piercing), provides XP for stationed units and champions, but further reduces Growth by 25%.

This mod also overwrites "Veteran" (+1 level) trait with two new traits: "Veteran Fighter" (+1 Level, +5 Dodge, +5 Accuracy) and "Elite Fighter" (+1 Level, +10 Dodge, +10 Accuracy, +10% HP) , the latter being available with new "Warrior Training" faction ability.

This new "Elite Fighter" perk is available to Nervari Quendar faction. "Veteran Fighter" is available for every other faction.

2. Installation

This mod runs 100% from the Mods folder. To install the mod you need to extract zip archive to your LegendaryHeroes Mods folder.
Default location of the “Mods” folder is the following: "C:\Users\%USERNAME% \Documents\My Games\LegendaryHeroes\Mods".
Make sure that you turn on "Use Mods" in the in-game Options menu.

3. Technical Details

This mod has been ripped from larger personal modification archive, so if you discover any missing assets, incorrect links or other unrelated or broken content, please let me know in the comments.
I apologize for any inconvenience.

This mod contains a set of simplified unit animations, which are used to avoid graphical glitches that occur in some systems (including mine). These changes are insignificant and will most likely be unnoticeable, therefore I decided not to remove it.
However there's a relatively simple way to exclude them: in Nervari_Units_Other.xml file replace "MaleChampionAnimationPack" -> "MaleSovereignAnimationPack" than you can safely delete "Animations" subfolder from your "Mods" folder.