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About what kind of modding i learned to do, i know about retexturing the vanilla items and turn them into standalone, but i don't know about creating new objects for skyrim by using 3D-Max Studio or Blender and i never will intent to learn those programs to create new objects!

Permissions:   1) Users/Modders are not allowed to upload my mods to other sites!   2) Users/Modders are not allowed to convert my mods so that it works on similar games!   3) Users/Modders are not allowed to modify my mods including releasing bug fixes or improving on the features my file adds to the game and upload it as a seperate mod!   4) Users/Modders are not allowed to use assets contained in my mods in their own mod!  5) Users/Modders are allowed to translate, no need to ask me.   6) Users/Modders are not allowed to upload my mods on Steam Workshop as their own to obtain money and it means the same for Permissions 2/3/4, my mods will always stay on nexus for free!