More Visible Move Radius in Tactical Battles by Posaiko
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Added: 01/01/2015 - 05:56AM
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This is a replacement mod for Move Radius tiles in tactical battles. Like the name says, it makes move radius squares/tiles more visible by adjusting alpha channel levels of the .dds file responsible.


UPDATE 3 (03.01.2015) Added an optional file to change worldmap move indicator to a more visible one with a nuke icon in the middle. Check the images tab (page 2-3). The installation is still the same, the directory is the same, except it's a different file (TileSelectionTexture.dds). Back yours up and replace it with the TileSelectionTexture_nuke.dds one. Obviously change the TileSelectionTexture_nuke.dds to TileSelectionTexture.dds.

UPDATE 2 (03.01.2015) Added additional differently designed tiles, just for experimentation. A square mesh, big circle, small circle and stylized small circle (which I ended up using myself). Files under Optional category: MVMR_additional. Check the images tab (page 2) to get the idea.

UPDATE 1 (01.01.2015): Comes in two four versions: from more transparent tiles to increasingly less transparent and more visible tiles - see the images for comparison.

I use version 2 myself, but in case you prefer even more obvious move radius tiles, there's version 3 and version 4 that's almost completely opaque.


Whether it's my graphics settings or it's just the game, for the life of me I was barely able to see the move radius of my troops or the enemy troops in tactical battles. It rendered the game near unplayable. I combed through forums for a fix, found none. Decided to fix it myself. Turns out it's just a .dds file, and with a right Photoshop plugin, playing around with alpha levels did the trick. Now I can see where my units can move and tactical battles are fun again! Yay!


1) In folder "Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes/Gfx/", replace "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical.dds" file with one of the files included in the zip (you'll have to remove the "_ver" part from the modified file).

1) Download the .zip file. 
2) Extract it to a temporary folder.
3) There are 5 files there: 
(*) "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical_orig.dds" - this is the original file, for backup, in case you need it.
(*)  "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical_ver1.dds" - this is modified file version 1.
(*)  "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical_ver2.dds" - this is modified file version 2.
(*)  "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical_ver3.dds" - this is modified file version 3.
(*)  "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical_ver4.dds" - this is modified file version 4.
4) Navigate to your game folder, and find a subfolder named "Gfx" ( Fallen Enchantress Legendary Heroes/Gfx/ )
5) Find a file named "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical.dds" and rename it to something else, like "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical_original.dds"
6) Drag and drop the file version of your choice from the temporary folder to the Gfx folder and rename it "TileSelectionTexture_Tactical.dds"
7) DONE!

None (that I know of)
It's just a modified image file.