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  1. Rapsynrev
    • premium
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    I'm having problems with graphics not appearing (the new abilities are all blank circles). Did I do something wrong with the install or is it possibly a compatibility issue?
  2. Simpson3k
    • member
    • 249 posts
    • 2 kudos
    Nice mod with all those new traits but i get the feeling that the loottable got changed in a very bad way or my lootluck changed right after the mod installation from epic to trash level. Before i got swords with initiative on a regular base and now i only get clubs and vests and other useless stuff.
  3. Uberdubie
    • member
    • 239 posts
    • 3 kudos
    Just wanted to let you guys know -- on the Elemental forums, the creator of his mod has disappeared and hasn't been seen online since June of 2013. Nobody knows what happened to him; perhaps he just got tired of modding. Not to speculate, but he was quite active both on the Nexus and Elemental forums until the day of June 22nd, so I hope he's okay. But since it's been over a year of inactivity now, you probably don't want to assume he's making a return at this point (although nothing is certain of course). I just hate to see all this feedback falling on deaf ears.

    This mod hasn't been fully compatible on its own with Legendary Heroes for quite a long time now, and while it may technically still "work", I promise you will find a number of annoying problems if you use it now. A few mod-makers have incorporated Bluegreen's work into their mods, but to my knowledge, none are compatible with the 1.7 update at the moment. Unless it gets updated in another talented mod-maker's work, I would not count on ever seeing this updated again. I agree it's very unfortunate, as I LOVE what this mod adds myself -- IMO it's one of the biggest must-have mods along with Children of Storm.

    Bluegreen, if you're out there... you're sorely missed, and we'd love to have you back!
  4. Malorise
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Does this work with 1.7?
  5. BelligerentCow1337
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    So, is I doubt you intend to make a FE compatible version of this?
  6. Sir_Toejam
    • member
    • 981 posts
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    liking what you have done with this so far.

    minor bug:

    the upgrade for debilitating whirlwind appears to do the opposite of the intended bonus; it reduces the damage by 40% (now doing 35% of my normal damage) instead of increasing it to 95%.

    tested repeatedly.

    also, the text description of the skill on rollover does not update when you upgrade it.

    Edit: after much tinkering, realized what was happening was that half of my damage was coming from the elemental part of my weapon (burning pyre sword), and apparently elemental damages are not applied to special abilities at all.

    so, not just this one, but the multistrike shield bash, and the stun ability also do not apply elemental damage from your weapon or worn items when you use them.

    any way to fix that?


    there's an error in your "expert positioning" trait. under the value for dodge bonus, it's entered as 1 instead of 6. The ranged dodge value is likewise entered as 1 instead of 6.

    another error: your mage trait "Survival Instinct" also has the dodge and ranged dodge values set to 1 instead of 7 for each.

    you probably should run a check on your traits file to make sure there are no other errors like that.

  7. Panpiper
    • supporter
    • 307 posts
    • 9 kudos
    I REALLY want to thank you for this mod. I SO loathed the path system in Legendary Heroes that I literally was not playing the game, playing Fallen Enchantress instead, even though almost everything else is better in Legendary Heroes. Along comes your mod, which gives back the flexibility and growth potential of the old path system. Now I can play Legendary Heroes. I cannot more profusely gush just how much I appreciate this. :-)
  8. Dukoth
    • member
    • 439 posts
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    is this still working for 1.5, and does the patch for CoS still work?
    1. Panpiper
      • supporter
      • 307 posts
      • 9 kudos
      Yes, it is working for the latest version. I just installed it yesterday and it works fine.
  9. Wintercross
    • member
    • 286 posts
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    This mod is pretty excellent! Able to make heroes and sovereigns much more powerful and effective =D
  10. graham1980
    • member
    • 43 posts
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    Love this mod, Would it be possible to add great swords to the tech trees as well for the next patch?