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Heroic Pursuit Mod - V0.91
For FE:Legendary Heroes v1.1

0.725 - Added 5 New Traits, Minor rebalancing on some traits, 1 New Spell (Summoning), 1 Additional unit with unique equipment that is summoned, a weapon and armor piece (stat/colour modification)
0.73 - Rebalaning on New Unit Summon was pretty useless before. Added New Trait, new item.
0.8 - 10 New Traits, 5 New Trait Abilities, 1 New Spell, 2 New Units (Restat/Recolour), Additional Item, Further Unit/Trait Rebalancing
0.82 - Updated to 1.1, 3 New Enhancing Traits for previous ability Traits, 2 Additional Items that have been retextured.
0.9 - Restructured Trait Tree for more space/better organisation, Add New Resource, Added Resource Spawn, Added 5 New Buildings completely made from scratch, 13 New Tiles, 8 New Traits, 1 New Spell (uses new resource), 2 New Abilities (1 Uses new resource)
0.91 - Changed some underpowered Traits, Added 2 New Buildings completely made from scratch, 4 New Tiles, 2 New Traits, 1 New Spell, 1 New Trait Ability


This mod adds a large amount of new traits and stuff that fit around them, that fit into the current trait trees in the game. No traits have been changed or modified, these traits have simply been added. Therefore other mods that use traits would be possible if they didnt occupy the same spots on the trees.

Its now possible to make more hybrid kind of characters as the different trees now contain some useful bonuses that arent directly related to their tree. For example assassins can get some attack and defense, warriors can get some critical hit and damage, defenders can get some attack, etc.. All trees have many new traits.

The biggest amount of new traits are contained within the General tree and includes some high level requirement traits that give nice boosts and extra accessory traits. Remember to scroll down while in the General tree and possibly the other trees to get to additional traits.


* +A massive 113 Additional Traits trainable my your Sovereign, Champions and Henchmen.
* +8 Spells that depend on some of the new traits
* +8 Traits Abilities
* A New World Resource - Arcalite
* New World Resource Spawn
* +7 Completely New Buildings Built from Scratch with customized icon - Also upgrade your new building using the new world resource.
* +17 New Tiles
* Additional modified weapons that you can find as rewards (no new models but retextures)
* Additional modified armor that you can find as rewards (no new models but retextures)
* +3 units that are summoned and can be found around.

The traits include modified existing icons (recoloured/slightly changed) so they will not look the same as current traits.


Should work fine with any mods that don't change or add Traits themselves. However if they dont overlap the positions I have used it is still possible.


I am open to any suggestions with the mod, or any new traits they you guys make and where I can include them in the mod. Any nice icons for existing traits or ones that you create would be awesome :P


Simply unzip the folder contained within the file to your 'Documents\My Games\LegendaryHeroes\Mods' folder. Remember after launching to go to Options and click 'Enable Mods' and restart the game if you haven't done so already.