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Adds a recipe for basic electric engine that is added to the cost of inserters, assemblers and more.

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Ever wonderd how an inserter could work whithout an electric engine?

This small mod adds a new item + recipe called "basic electric engine unit" that is now an ingredient in the inserter, the assembling machine, the electric mining drill and the steam engine. I always thought it to be very unrealistic to craft these electric structures without the need of electric engines, but because electric engines are too complicated to craft (require lubricant and thus oil processing) I added a new type of engine. The old “electric engine unit” is renamed to “advanced electric engine unit”.
The recipe for this new basic electric engine unit is: 4 copper cable, 1 iron gear wheel and 1 iron stick.
In the config.lua it's very easy to add a basic electric engine unit to the cost of any recipe (with a specified amount). The defaults are: inserter: 1, assembling machine: 2, electric mining drill: 2, steam engine: 4. For the details on how to change this, please look at the config.lua.

Also available on the factorio mod portal: https://mods.factorio.com/mods/mathematics7/math7BasicElecEngine

- Productivity modules can now be used in the basic electric engine unit production (because it's an intermediate product). Thanks to blakemw (https://mods.factorio.com/mods/blakemw/EnableProductivityModules) for his code.
- Added basic electric engine units to electric mining drill (2) and steam engine (4).
- Added support for recipes with normal and expensive ingredients (recipes that cost more during a marathon game).
- First Nexus release.
- Bugfix (introduced in 0.1.1)
- More compatible and more configurable.
Initial release.

- Thanks blakemw for his code to enable productivity modules.

Creative Commens BY-NC-SA